Rectification for AMD Ryzen 7000: it will consume up to 230W

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Behind AMD, which changes its statements. Rectification for the AMD Ryzen 7000, which will consume up to 230W

Well yes, we have had the correction for AMD Ryzen 7000. The product will reach a maximum power of 230W. The company (click here for more information), after having constantly assured the press and fans that the 170W exhibited at the Computex 2022 were the maximum socket power, he retracted his statements. They have indeed confirmed, after further verifications, that the 230w is in fact the maximum TDP specification for the CPU Ryzen. The increased maximum socket power of 230W is nearly as high as that of the Core i9-12900K for the socket LGA1200 from Intelwhich offers a maximum load of approx 241 W.

Rectification for AMD Ryzen 7000: it will consume up to 230W

Details on the adjustment for the AMD Ryzen 7000

AMD would like to correct the maximum socket power and limits TDP of the next Socket AM5. Il Socket AM5 supports up to 170 W TDP with a maximum of 230 W PPT. TDP1.35 is the standard calculation for TDP versus PPT for socket AMD in “Zen”. “This new TDP will enable significant compute performance higher for high-core CPUs with heavy workloads. AMD prides itself on providing the enthusiast community with products with the utmost transparency. They took the opportunity to apologize to users for their mistake, and for any confusion they may have caused on this issue. So, in conclusion, the power specifications are: 230W peak power, 170W TDP.

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