All Star Wars video games currently in development

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LucasFilms Games has returned to the limelight strongly during the last year, thanks to a new strategy for the future of the videogame sector dedicated to Star Wars. The strategy is pretty clear and consists of working closely with the best development studios in the industry to bring new world-class gaming experiences set in the galaxy far, far away. Let’s take a look at what all the Star Wars video games are currently in development.

Star Wars: All video games currently in development

Jedi Fallen Order 2

Let’s start with the sequel to a game that surprised everyone at its release, that is Jedi Fallen Order 2, which was confirmed by LucasFilms Games ed Electronic Arts just a few months ago. The game will always be made in the forges of Respawn Entertainmentalthough at the moment there are no precise details regarding the launch date.

It is no coincidence that Fallen Order was a very important video game for the Respawn guys, who with him were able to prove their ability as developers even outside the genres they usually deal with. In fact, the title is configured as a sort of metroidvania in 3D with elements taken with both hands by the Souls of FromSofware and in particular by Sekiro as regards the combat system.

Of all the upcoming projects, Fallen Order is one of the projects to keep an eye on the most.

The mysterious shooter

Respawn Entertainment should also be working on a second Star Wars-themed project, namely a mysterious shooter of which we still know very little unfortunately. At the helm of the project we find the executive director of the franchise of Star Wars Battlefront, therefore it cannot be ruled out that it is something related to that trend.

Unfortunately, at the moment the details are very few and the only certain thing about this title is that it is currently in development. To find out more, it therefore seems that we will have to wait for further news from the software house, hoping that they will not be long in coming.

Star Wars Hunters

Expected to arrive this year, Star Wars Hunters it’s a title multiplayer a squadre coming up on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. The game is set after the fall of the empire and aims to ride the excitement generated by the series The Mandalorian, since among the playable characters there is a bounty hunter.

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In addition to him, in the title we will be able to use other iconic characters, such as a wookie, a droid, an imperial soldier, a rebel and a couple of Jawa brothers, while the settings will range from those that fans of the saga have always been accustomed to see over the years. In fact, the presence of Endor has already been confirmed, for example.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake

How can we forget then Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remakethe remake of the much-loved BioWare RPG that is being rebuilt from the ground up by Aspyr, software house not new in the remake sector. This game should be a one-to-one re-creation of the original game, with the same story and characters.

Star Wars video games in development

The task is undoubtedly one of those particularly ambitious, given that Knights of the Old Republich, originally released in 2003, is regarded as one of the best role-playing video games in history, so it will be interesting to see it in a modern guise. The game for now has been confirmed for PC and PlayStation 5, there is no news of any releases on other platforms.

Star Wars Eclipse

Developed by Quantic Dream and unveiled at the Game Awards 2021, Star Wars Eclipse it’s a project we don’t know much about yet. Although we do not even know its genre, it is very likely that it will be an “action” graphic adventure like the ones that the software house has always created, just think of Detroit: Become Human.

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Not surprisingly, everything we know about this title concerns the plot, which will be set during the period of the high republic and that the story will take on the tones of the interplanetary political thriller, to use the same words used by the developers. Eclipse however is still at the beginning of developmentso it may take some time to learn more.

The other projects

There are three other projects related to Star Wars video games currently in development, although at the moment these are titles whose existence has only been hinted at. The most interesting of all is undoubtedly l’open world theme that should be developing at the studios of Ubisoftannounced at the beginning of 2021, then almost completely disappeared from the radar, but still in the works.

Returning to Respawn Entertainmentthe studio should also be working on one strategic together with Bitreactor, but even in this case very little is known about the title, except that it exists and is in production. Finally there is a Star Wars video game currently in development under the guidance of Amy Hennigdirector di Uncharted 2.

All in all, it looks like the next few years are going to be prolific for the LucasFilms franchise. All that remains is to wait for more announcements to find out more.

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