Harley-Davidson’s 2022 range is on show in Milan

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There are brands that have become iconic in many different sectors, capable of creating a real cult around the brand. Among these, in the motorcycling sector, it naturally stands out Harley-Davidson. Inextricably linked to the classic values ​​of freedom and independence, the brand is undoubtedly one of the most loved in the world. And we were lucky enough to be able to discover live the news of the 2022 range of Harley-Davidson in an unforgettable evening in Milan.

Harley-Davidson launches its new proposals for 2022

It was a real one Harley-Davidson Night the one we were able to attend to discover all the great news for 2022 from the well-known motorcycle manufacturer. An event dedicated to the brand’s staff, its network of dealers and many VIPs and influencers who have long been linked to this symbol of motorcycling worldwide.

It was the master of ceremonies for the evening DJ Ringo, famous radio and television host. He was the first to go up on the stage set up for the event, kicking off the large roundup of guests. And the first to arrive was Vittorio Brumottia great Harley-Davidson enthusiast and official brand ambassador Serial 1 of e-bikes.

His was a ‘entered the scene with style, as can clearly be expected from this character. We saw him riding his e-bike from a flight of stairs, and then gliding directly onto the stage after a few evolutions. Here he was able to tell his experience with two wheels in the company of Francesco Vannichief executive officer of Harley-Davidson SPI.

The evening was in fact aimed not only at the tricolor market, but also at the Spanish and Portuguese markets. And so, directly from the Iberian Peninsula it also arrived Jaime Lorente, an actor famous for The Paper House and El Cid, but above all a Harley-Davidson enthusiast. For the occasion she was able to show off his musical skills, singing some of his hits directly on stage. Later he was able to tell about his love for the brand, which has now become very strong.

The right atmosphere for a historic brand

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The baton then passed to Andrea Rock, who oversaw the musical selection of the evening, immersing us in the sound that characterizes the world of this brand. And surrounded by the rock atmosphere we had the opportunity to admire all models in Harley-Davidson’s 2022 range. Among the models on display were Low Rider ST, Street Glide ST, Pan America 1250 Special, Sportster S, Road Glide ST and Low Rider S with 117 ci Milwaukee-Eight engine.

Great space was then offered to the newcomer Nightster. A bike with a sportier profile, characterized by a contained fairing and a truly unique style. A model that is capable of being both agile and snappy, but with one truly extraordinary maneuverability.

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However, this Harley-Davidson Night did not just talk about the 2022 range, but also about other important aspects of the brand. These include the launch of new services dedicated to Italian, Spanish and Portuguese enthusiasts, such as H-D Certified. This is a quality assurance program and specific requirements for used motorcycles.

Not only that, but it will come soon too Harley|Lease. This is an innovative long-term rental formula, which will go alongside the more traditional purchase formulas. Motorcycle enthusiasts will therefore find always new ways to be able to ride one of the many beloved models of the brand.

And other new features are planned for Harley-Davidson in 2022

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When a brand is so iconic, it manages to overcome the barriers of its sector, conquering other worlds, starting with fashion. And so, among the initiatives that Harley-Davidson has planned for this year, the opening of pop-up store in the world, entirely dedicated to lifestyle clothing, aimed at both enthusiasts and real motorcyclists.

The aforementioned Francesco VanniHarley-Davidson SPI CEO commented on the evening:

“It’s great that an event like this is in Milan, a cool, international and cosmopolitan city. And it’s even better to see how Harley-Davidson can bring people from different backgrounds together. The VIPs of fashion and music, the personalities of sport and lifestyle are here tonight with us and our dealer network to celebrate Harley’s heritage and values: the pursuit of adventure and the freedom of the soul “.

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For more information on Harley-Davidson and its offer, we invite you to visit the official website of the company.

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