All the Announcements of the Future Games Show, over 40 titles coming soon

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Gamesradar organized a new one Future Games Show 2022 full of announcements, the first of this 2022, which will show us over 40 upcoming video games including 8 world premieres. This year, despite the difficulties, it seems that the videogame market is showing no signs of stopping by presenting new original titles to gamers, always growing. Let’s find them all.

The announcements of the Future Games Show 2022

Among the announcements of this Future Games Show 2022 we find:

The Time I have Left

The conference opens with a new IP with noir tones entitled The Time I have Left coming in 2023. This title tells the story of Alinean inhabitant of Colony 7 who survived the mysterious phenomenon known as “The Miasma”. To escape death, Aline will have to immerse herself in the Miasma and find out what force is bringing chaos to Earth.

Gun Jam

Colorful, fast-paced, know-it-all! Gun Jam is shown in the announcements of the Future Games Show 2022. From what we see it looks like a team shooter full of weapons and destruction!

Turbo Golf Racing

Clearly inspired by the mechanics of Rocket League, Turbo Golf Racing combines the mechanics of cars and speed with the rebounds of a series of game balls within different scenarios, levels and various mechanics. Turbo Golf Racing will debut nel 2022 su PC, Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S


A mix of Cluedo and Sherlock Holmes, Crimesight is a strategic video game with a mystery to solve, where investigators and culprits move around the same scenario pointing fingers at each other. The game will be available on April 14th.

Midnight Ghost Hunt

Midnight Ghost Hunt is an online multiplayer video game with eerie appearances! Gamers compete in spooky places where ghosts and spirit hunters search for each other inside a mansion. Ghosts are able to enter objects and blend in and hit hunters from behind. Midnight Ghost Hunt will be available starting next March 31st.


A mysterious new IP of what looks like a futuristic shooter set in an unknown world. Alterborn will be out on PC, PlayStation and Xbox soon.

Sengoku Dinasty

Sengoku Dinasty is another mysterious IP that shows us scenes from a medieval Japanese village. In this title we will be able to live in feudal Japan and build your village in a beautiful valley on the ocean. Protect your settlement from the dangers of a war-torn Japan and grow from a simple farmer to a man of legend.

Cycle Frontier

The Cycle: Frontier is a free first-person PvPvE shooter featuring danger and suspense. Search for resources and riches on an abandoned alien world ravaged by a lethal storm, inhabited by monsters and plundered by other ambitious prospectors!

The Outbound Ghost

The Outbound Ghost is a role-playing video game inspired by Mario Paper and Cuphead where we will have to help the ghosts to ascend to the afterlife. Fight the past using the inventions of your personality. Create badges to gain skills. Explore a city of restless ghosts and discover that life can be tough, even after death.

Forever Skies

Forever Skies is a first person survival game. Return to Earth destroyed by an ecological disaster, fly in a hi-tech spaceship, expand it, rebuild it and repair it. Recover resources, survive, face dangers on the surface, and craft a virus to cure a mysterious disease.

Imp of the Sun

Reclaim the sunlight and put an end to the Eternal Eclipse in this fast-paced 2D action game inspired by Peruvian cultures. Explore hand-drawn environments, fight and improve your skills to defeat the Four Guardians who have stolen the power of the Sun.

Expedition Zero

Expedition Zero is a survival horror set in an anomalous area in the heart of Siberia. Face the creepy monsters of the forest and find a way to defeat them. Discover the secrets of a lost expedition and your mysterious opponent. Expedition Zero is available starting today, if you want to find out more, here is our review.


Plumb the depths and take control of the creatures around you to solve environmental puzzles and descend into darker and darker waters. Nature has evolved in bizarre forms. Discover strange organisms, unexplored ruins, and ancient machinery hidden beneath the surface of the water.

LEGO Bricktales

The long series of announcements of the Future Games Show 2022, LEGO Brick Tales. In this new LEGO title, travel through a wide range of intricate and colorful dioramas, all completely constructed from iconic LEGO bricks, and be captivated by an incredible story. LEGO Bricktales encourages you to unleash your creativity as you create your own solutions to the many puzzles present.

LEGO Brick Tales will be available in the course of 2022.

Among the other announcements of the Future Games Show 2022

… the following were shown: