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Year on year the dating online is gaining more and more ground. If in the past it was a rather small niche, today more and more people know each other through this type of application. Among the most famous in the sector we certainly find Tinderwhich has just recently published its data on 2022. And whether you are a regular visitor or not, we assure you that there are great surprises to discover…

Tinder’s 2022 data between situationships, parking (?) and Harry Styles

One of the trends of the year for the application is the concept of situationship. According to data from 2022, one in ten Tinder users are looking for this type of relationship, which is a hybrid between an official relationship and a simple friendship. A sign of how social conventions are evolving towards one increasingly fluid directionin every area.

It will also surprise many to find that theemoji most used in bios this year is 🅿️. Which no, does not mean “parking” (we also thought so at first) but represents the concept of “Pushin P“. It is a difficult idea to describe in the abstract, but it basically represents a positive approach to life.

Among other terms that have grown this year we find the idea of dry datingi.e. a appointment that does not include alcohol. A trend in line with others that confirm the idea that fewer and fewer young people are interested in drinking. Rather, we opt for more complete experiences such as street food, a barbecue or even camping! After the years of the pandemic, it seems that young people want to travel again, as demonstrated by the use of the function on average 9 times a month Passport.

And if musical tastes seem to point towards modernity with Harry Styles e Glass Animals at the top of the chart of the most popular Spotify Anthems, there is a more retro taste in other areas. Suffice it to say that the TV series most mentioned in the bios is The Office, which is increasingly a cult phenomenon. In this throwback perspective, Tinder has recovered the concept of blind dates with the new function of Match in the dark, precisely. A feature that has been greatly appreciated with over 200,000 daily uses.

That wasn’t the only additional feature the service introduced this year. One of the big news was in fact the Festival Mode, created in collaboration with some of the most important musical events in the world. A way to start making contact with those who will participate in our own major events, finding each other on the basis of our interests to make our experience even more special.

Security remains a key factor

One aspect that emerges from Tinder’s 2022 data is the relevance of emoji related to problems in relationships, like 🚩 or ❤🩹. This is a signal that is important not to underestimate and the application continuously pays attention to safety of its users. After all, the very idea of ​​the match is based on mutual consent (although of course it’s only a first step).

Among the most useful functions introduced in the last period we find the possibility of block contacts with whom we do not want to have interactions. We don’t just talk about conversations, but also beyond: if there is an ex-partner, a boss, a relative who we don’t want him to know about our presence on Tinder we can enter his phone number in the appropriate section and we will not appear among his potential matches.

Again, in this sense the tick for verified account. Which does not mean, like on other social networks, that we are well-known personalities, but more simply that we are a real person, as well as the same one who is present in our profile photos.

Finally, particularly innovative is theusing AI to spot potentially offensive messages. Should we receive “uncourteous” communications, the system will warn us before showing them to us and it will be up to us to decide whether to see them. Not only that, but this system works the other way too. Writing a rude message Tinder will ask us to think back before sending it. In short, the classic advice to “stop and think before you speak”, but best applied with the use of technology.

And it doesn’t end there! In fact, within the app you can find a whole series of tools for our safety, specially collected in the Tinder Safety Center.

2022 for Tinder is also the year of its tenth anniversary

Then there is a particular reason why theYear in Swipe 2022 (the annual report with which Tinder communicates data on its users) is particularly important. In fact, ten years ago the service made its debutquickly becoming one of the most important realities of online dating.

It is part of a revolution that it’s changing a lot the world with which we conceive relationships. Transformations that are interesting to discover and that tend to move towards ever greater awareness and freedom. One step closer to breaking stereotypeswhich will be interesting to follow also in the next ten years.

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