Sony Inzone official partner of Excel Esports

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A new partnership for the world of Esports has been announced today. The British team EXCEL ESPORTSleading brand in professional gaming, has chosen INZONE come nuovo Audio and Display Partner.

INZONE is the new brand of Sony dedicated to gaming products, including professional peripherals to enhance the players’ competitive skills. As a result of the partnership, EXCEL will use Sony INZONE headphones and monitors for its international sports competitions.

INZONE is an official partner of EXCEL ESPORTS

The partnership will take place both online and offline, offering content dedicated to the magical world of eSports. Regarding the collaboration Mark CarterCommercial Director of EXCEL ESPORTS said:

“Sony has been a pioneer in gaming technologies for years. That is why we are thrilled to have INZONE alongside us as an official Audio and Display Partner. With industry-leading noise canceling technology, groundbreaking spatial audio features and spectacular displays, Sony INZONE products are engineered to win. We are eager to find out how they will help our players reach new heights on the global stage.”

Satisfaction also shared by Sony, as confirmed by the words of Adrian Price-HuntHead of Video and Sound at Sony Europe, who said:

“Sony has been a key player in the gaming market for decades and recently ventured into the world of professional PCs and consoles with INZONE headphones and monitors, specially designed to multiply gamers’ chances of winning.“For us, we partner with EXCEL, which is one of the largest esports teams in the world and boasts extraordinary talent among its ranks, it is an unmissable opportunity to support and involve the community of professional players.”

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