All the details on the strategic partnership between BMW Motorrad and Marshall

BMW Motorrad e Marshall annunciano una partnership strategica thumbnail

After much rumor, the partnership between BMW Motorrad and Marshall, historic audio services brand, has been announced. After all, between rock’n’roll and motorcycles there has always been great complicity: here are all the details of the collaboration.

BMW Motorrad e Marshall: una partnership rock

Who, perhaps playing GTA, has never wondered if it was possible to have an audio system on their bike? In fact, the two concepts go hand in hand, especially with a certain type of music: rock’n’roll. Motorcycles have always been part of a rock imagery made up of studs and leather jackets. And speaking of music, what’s more rock than the iconic Marshall amps? These have helped to express the biting sounds of the greatest guitarists of the genre.

Therefore, it is not surprising to find a long-term collaboration between BMW motorcycle and the English brand Marshall. The partnership will improve the audio systems of two wheels, guaranteeing the whole experience of the British company. The legendary Marshall spirit and development power of BMW Motorrad will be reflected in the future in innovative new products for motorcycles and music, especially in the BMW Motorrad Heritage segment.

Marshall: an iconic brand

For 60 years, Marshall, originally from Hanwell, London, now based in Bletchley, Milton Keynes (UK), has produced the legendary guitar amps used by the best musicians in the world. Since 2012 they have expanded their audio quality by producing headphones and active speakers (award winning) designed for music lovers.

BMW Motorrad will very soon present the first new products resulting from this strategic partnership. Further news should arrive on July 29, of course we will be here to tell you about it.