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All the JBL news unveiled during CES 2023

JBL if you present to CES 2023 of Las Vegas with some incredible news: among them we find the new one Soundbar JBL Bar 1300 not headphones gaming JBL Quantum 360X/P e JBL Quantum 910X/P for Xbox and PlayStation. Let’s find out all the details together.

JBL news at CES 2023

jbl bar 1300 tech princess

JBL expands the Bar series with the new Soundbar JBL Bar 1300. Packed with features, JBL’s latest innovation brings the elevated audio experience of a movie theater right into your living room with sound surround Dolby Atmos e DTS:X 3D amplified by removable wireless surround speakers.

The new device a 15 channels uses six up-firing speakers and boasts the exclusive technology MultiBeam at HARMAN. The two speakers removable and battery powered can be placed anywhere in the room and are able to ensure a crystal clear audio. Alternatively, you can pair one of the two wireless speakers to any Bluetooth device to use it as a standalone speaker.

Part of the JBL Bar series, the new Soundbar features HARMAN’s PureVoice technology which uses HARMAN’s exclusive algorithm to optimize voice clarity. This allows you to follow even the most complex plot without ever losing any dialogue, even when the surround effects are at their maximum. Plus, the JBL One app lets you set up easily and browse the built-in music platforms to find your favorite song. Last but not least, the equalization settings are fully customizable to offer a unique listening experience.

The new Soundbar JBL Bar 1300 will be available on the official website and at major electronics retailers starting from February 2023 at the recommended price of €1499.

Le cuffie gaming JBL Quantum 360X/P e JBL Quantum 910X/P per Xbox e PlayStation

Following the success of the JBL Quantum 910 Wireless and JBL Quantum 610 Wireless, JBL has decided to further expand the family of cuffie gaming JBL Quantum announcing the new releases of the series, the JBL Quantum 360X/P e JBL Quantum 910X/P. Designed specifically for the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, the new headset offers a impeccable sound qualityas well as ensuring uninterrupted communication, regardless of the surrounding environment.

Every player has their own preferences and JBL is capable of satisfy every need. The JBL Quantum 910X/P headphones deliver to gamers QuantumSPATIAL 360 immersive audio by JBL with head tracking for a more accurate sound experience. The Quantum 360X/P and 910X/P are also packed with technology DualSOURCE of JBL, which makes it easy to switch between game audio and incoming calls. The new gaming headsets are available in bianco e blu per PlayStation e in nero e verde per Xbox.

Finally we announce that the new gaming headphones JBL Quantum X e P will be available on official site at major electronics retailers starting at March 2023. The suggested retail price will be €299.99 for the JBL Quantum 910X and JBL Quantum 910P; Of €129,99 per le JBL Quantum 360X e le JBL Quantum 360P.

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