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Project Leonardo announced for PS5

Sony has recently presented Project Leonardo, a new controller that will allow players with disabilities to enjoy the PS5 without a hitch

During CES 2023, Sony announced a new controller kit to increase the accessibility of codenamed PS5 “Project Leonardo”. This new controller is touted as highly customizable with “out of the box” features to help i gamers with disabilities to play the PS5. In addition to working with various third-party accessibility accessories, it can be paired with Sony’s DualSense controllers. Designed following discussions with accessibility experts and organizations such as AbleGamers, SpecialEffect and Stack Up, Project Leonardo offers interchangeable components such as analog stick caps, buttons of different shapes and sizes. These can be arranged in various layouts, including adjusting the distance of the analog sticks from the gamepad.

Project Leonardo will help make the PS5 more accessible to everyone

the unique features of Project Leonardo for PS5 don’t end there. Software features include Button Mapping, with multiple buttons mappable to the same function or two functions mappable to the same button. There is also the option of store up to three control profiles and quickly switch between them with the Profile button at any time. The controller can be used alone, with another Project Leonardo or with the DualSense. They are included quattro 3.5 mm AUX port for connecting various third-party switches and accessories.

As for the design approach of Leonardo, the designer of Sony Interactive Entertainment So Morimoto stated that:

Project Leonardo is part of the PlayStation 5 product family and is based on the same design concept. We were inspired by the idea that all players enjoy the world of PlayStation together. Our team tested over a dozen designs with accessibility experts, looking for approaches that would help address key challenges to effective controller use. We ultimately settled on a “split controller” design that allows for near-freeform left/right stick repositioning and can be used without needing to be held.

Project Leonardo is still under development and Sony continues to collect feedback from users to build the best possible controller to allow gamers with disabilities to fully enjoy video games on PS5. We just have to wait for more information about it to find out more.

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