All the news of Battlefield 2042: new map, new specialist and new Battle Pass

Tutte le novità di Battlefield 2042: Stagione 1 - Ora Zero thumbnail

The highly anticipated arrives today – 9 June Season 1: Zero Hour of Battlefield 2042, with numerous post-launch content. Among the novelties we find a new map, an unpublished Specialist and revolutionary armaments. Obviously, the new Battle Pass is not missing, which includes skins and melee takedowns. Let’s find out all the news below.

Battlefield 2042 – Season 1: Zero Hour

Now Zero introduces:

  • The new Exposure map: an area in the Canadian Rockies, developed vertically, made up of numerous caves. Exposure will be available in All-Out Warfare and Portal at the launch of Season 1.
  • Ewelina Lis: a new Specialist. She is a renowned assassin who is particularly talented in identifying and tearing apart land vehicles and armored aircraft. How? With her rocket launcher of course, she is a weapon capable of firing remote-controlled missiles with pinpoint accuracy. Additionally, her Armor Hunter trait provides her with valuable information.
  • Armaments, vehicles and collectibles such as: gunboat (RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal), ammunition (normal, light, heavy and explosive), Ghostmaker 10 crossbow and smoke grenade launcher.
  • Battle Pass: As usual, the new Battle Pass includes both free rewards and redeemable Premium items. These include legendary skins and melee takedowns.
  • Fixes to game updates: greater stability and balance, as well as optimization of gunplay mechanics and vehicle management. For more information on technical upgrades, please refer to the game’s official website.