Twitter focuses on e-commerce: here is the new Product Drops function

Twitter punta sull'e-commerce con una nuova funzione thumbnail

While waiting to understand how the negotiation for the sale to Elon Musk will end, Twitter continues to advance the development of the platform with a novelty related to the e-commerce world. The social network, in fact, is testing a novelty that will allow users to receive notifications related to the launch of new brand products on the platform. Here’s what it is:

Twitter prepares to launch a new feature related to e-commerce

The new function is called Product Drops. Twitter aims to alert users of the launch of new products by companies (partners) present on the platform. There will therefore be promotional tweets announcing the launch of new products and users who follow certain brands will receive information in real time.

Companies such as Dior e Home Depot. The project will be carried out in the USA and could, in the future, be extended to the whole globe. In this way, Twitter aims to tie itself more and more to the e-commerce world, able to guarantee significant monetization tools.

In the near future, the social network could become, like rival Facebook, ua support base for e-commerce worldwide. We will see what the evolution of this new feature will be and how partner companies will try to use Product Drops.