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In the last few hours, the WhatsApp App has released quite a few interesting news. Among these, as you can imagine, are the reactions to messagesto which is added the possibility of share files up to 2GB in size – a noticeable improvement over 100 MB -. Furthermore, in order not to really miss anything for its users, the platform has declared that it will double the maximum size of group chats. In short, the month of May will give great news to WhatsApp users. Ready to welcome them?

WhatsApp: App announces interesting news for users

After announcing the function some time ago, now finally the WhatsApp App has launched reactions to messages. As anticipated, the option will allow you to use only a small number of emojis, although it seems that support for “all emojis and skin tones” will be released in the near future. After all, reactions are a function quite appreciated by users – which explains why Telegram and Slack have already had them for a while -, so it is not surprising to know that WhatsApp has finally decided to introduce them to the platform.

Beyond that, the ability to add reactions to messages will be very useful in the future. As anticipated, in fact, WhatsApp is also expanding the default maximum size of group chats, with the limit going from 256 to 512 participating users. According to reports from the official blog, this option will be slowly implemented on the platform, while the other news should arrive later this week. “Now it is possible to send files within WhatsApp up to 2 GB at a time, always protected by end-to-end encryption”, reads the blog of the platform.

The news of the month, therefore, goes far beyond reactions to messages. “We hope these updates are useful and look forward to sharing more later in the year.” So the WhatsApp App gives us new useful options, announcing that it will soon release others. Who knows what it will be specifically.