Nikon Z 9 wins the 2022 Gold Award

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The new mirrorless Nikon Z 9 s wins the Gold Award 2022 awarded by DPReview

DPReview, one of the most authoritative websites in the field of photography and among the most visited in the world by enthusiasts and professionals in the sector, awarded the Gold Award to the new mirrorless Nikon Z 9 giving it a score of 94%, the highest that is never been assigned a camera from the site.

In particular, the authors of the site appreciated the Nikon Z 9 as Nikon’s most sophisticated autofocus system and updated 3D tracking, the incredible and significantly superior video capabilities, ergonomics, robustness and handling, and the particularly responsive viewfinder without blackout. , which allows you to have no delays with respect to the action, thus allowing you to stay focused only on the shot.

Nikon Z 9 awarded a few months after its release on the market

The Z 9, presented by Nikon a few months ago, is designed for those who want to push the known boundaries of photography and video. The new flagship is perfect for wildlife, sports and photo shooting professionals who demand exceptional electronic viewfinders, AF, operability and ruggedness beyond even that of the Nikon D6. The Z 9 is also ideal for professionals in fashion and studio photography, who need to unleash their photographic creativity, and for videographers who want to achieve a quality result with an efficient workflow.

It is equipped with a new 45.7MP full-frame stacked CMOS sensor and EXPEED 7 processor ultra-fast and is capable of shooting up to 120fps with full autofocus and recording an extended 8K full-frame video range from 24p to 60p, in 4K from 24p to 120p and time-lapse video directly “on-camera” .

According to DPReview, the Nikon Z 9 “overall combines the best of a DSLR and a video camera in one body” and “is perhaps the most complete camera we have ever used.”