All the PG Esports appointments at Milan Games Week 2022

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Officially started yesterday – November 25th – Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2022 is in full swing, as well as in full swing the sporting events of PG Esports. Having reached the halfway point of the event, some competitions have already taken place, but many others will take place today and tomorrow. Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2022 will be held until tomorrow (November 27) at the usual location of Fiera Rho Milano.

Yesterday, for example, the expected final of the Storm Circuit from League of Legends between Away from Normal they Exeed. It was also heldItalian Cup from Rainbow Six Siegethe first Italian cup of the tactical shooter of Ubisoftin which the best teams in the PG Nationals challenged the teams that excelled during the Be Seriousthe minor league in the league.

Milan Games Week 2022: today’s and tomorrow’s PG Esports appointments

Today, Saturday 26 Novemberit’s time for Vodafone Unstoppable Cup. This will start in the early afternoon. The competition open to the community of Fortnite in no-build single player mode, the most passionate players of the famous game competed in four qualifying days Epic Games, but only the top 100 will have a chance to claim victory in a gripping showdown. Commenting on the salient final stages will be Xiuder e Power3r, who will then participate in a meet & greet with fans. The finals will also be visible on the channels of PG Eports e Xiuder.

Finally tomorrow, sunday 27 there will be the playoffs and the grand final of the ninth edition dell’Italian Rocket Championship powered by Air Action Vigorsolthe Italian championship of Rocket League. Four teams will compete in the playoffs: i Reply Totemi Cagliari Esportsi Webidoo Gaming eh No Fear Gaming. These teams will battle it out in best of 5 matches to the last goal. The two best teams will access a final to the best of 7 which will decide the best Italian team of the title Psyonix Studios. At 18:30 it will be the turn of the final of the Fresh Style Rumble by Air Action Vigorsol where they will compete Littlecat e Diazumaput to the test in an intense best of 3. The IRC final and that of the FreshStyle Rumble by Air Action Vigorsol will also be visible on the Twitch channel ItalianRocketChampionship.

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