Scream 6: cast revealed by some images of the trailer

Scream 6: cast rivelato da alcune immagini del trailer

Scream 6 is coming and with it the first rumors about the cast. In fact, a photo of the actors appears, perhaps taken from the trailer

It’s fixed for March 2023 the cinematic release of Scream 6 (provisional title for now). All fans are eagerly awaiting the trailer which, even if it hasn’t been released yet, has already made headlines, due to some leaked frames. It is not yet clear who circulated them, but thanks to these images, it would be possible to understand who are the actors who will form the main cast of the new film. Let’s take a look.

The cast of Scream 6

In the photo, leaked on Twitter, the faces of the main actors of the new chapter appear. First we see Hayden Panettiere, who will play Kirby. At his side Melissa Barreraas Sam. Immediately behind here appear Jasmin Savoy Brown that Mindy will be here, Mason Gooding as Chad e Jenna Ortega, in those of Tara. In the group also appears the face of Dermot Mulroneya new entry in the world of Scream.

Some of these actors are already well known to the audience of the saga. Hayden Panettiere, former co-star in Scream 4 is known for having taken part in many films of the 2000s, including Heroes (2006-2010), which brought her international success. Melissa Barrera was instead present in the fifth chapter of Scream; the mexican actress is best known for the Netflix series crows club (2015). Jasmin Savoy Brown, also featured in the fifth installment, recently took part in the film Sound of Violence (2021). Mason Gooding and Jenna Ortega were also featured in Scream 5; Gooding recently took part in an episode of How I Met Your Father (2022), while Ortega is today on everyone’s lips for being the protagonist of the series, by Tim Burton, Wednesday (2022). Dermot Mulroney, new entry to the group, can instead boast a respectable career: he is in fact present in many successful films, such as Friends (in 2003), Shameless (from 2015 to 2017) e American Horror Story (in 2017).

Scream 6: cast revealed by some images of the trailer

Photos from the set

If the photo depicting the cast seems to have slipped out of the secrecy of the production, another photo has been officially published on the Tik Tok account of the film. It is an image that portrays a scene from the new film. In the photo it is possible to see Ghostface in a shop, aiming a rifle, probably against a new victim. We await new news, which may provide us with some more information on the new film, directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin e Tyler Gillett.

Scream 6: cast revealed by some images of the trailer

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