All video game releases for April 2024

Let's see together, in this dedicated special, all the gaming-themed releases of April 2024: what are the best upcoming video games?

The month of April will be very hot for gamers all over the world. In fact, taking a look at the upcoming news, we must admit that it will be difficult to choose which adventure to try first.

To put things in order, here are the main video game releases of April 2024 grouped by console, also organized by taking a look at the reviews and previews of the parent companies.

Before moving on to this month's gaming news, let's see a small review of the most interesting news of the moment in the world of video games.

The world of gaming is growing dramatically!

After a busy quarter of new releases, with epic titles like Tekken 8, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Dragon's Dogma 2, the month of April presents itself with an equally inspiring selection of games for video game enthusiasts of all platforms.

According to analyzes conducted by Newzooil, 2024 promises to be a year of growth for the gaming industry on a global scale. One of the main driving factors will be the increase in the installed base of next-generation consoles, including Xbox Series Furthermore, Playstation 5 has exceeded the threshold of 50 million units sold, giving a definitive boost to the entire console market.

Hardware and subscriptions: the main changes

On the hardware front, news is also expected from Nintendo, although the Kyoto headquarters maintains maximum confidentiality on the matter. Despite the success of the Nintendo Switch, which continues to record considerable sales even seven years after its launch, new hardware is expected to be introduced during the year.

Moderate growth in multi-game subscriptions is also expected over the next three years and further disruption in the industry. These will be due to the presence of gaming platforms such as Fortnite and ROBLOX, which offer an engaging and free experience, thus threatening traditional subscription services.

Next, we'll explore the most anticipated titles that will make next month an unmissable moment for gamers around the world. To make purchases without giving up, you shouldn't forget to take advantage of online discounts, thanks for example to the many Unieuro promotions and discount codes also on the best titles of the most famous consoles, from Playstation 5 to Nintendo Switch.

PlayStation 5

Among the unmissable new features of April 2024 for PS5, Stellar Blade stands out (April 26), an action-adventure that promises engaging combat and a gripping story. With a unique art style and a plot that takes place in a dystopian future, Stellar Blade is set to capture the imagination of PS5 players. This title represents one of the strong points for the Sony console, offering an exciting gaming experience that will surely attract the attention of video game enthusiasts. Speaking of PS5, we must not forget the launch of the closed beta of Sea of ​​Thieves also scheduled for the month of April, the 12th to be exact.

Sony once again demonstrates its ability to offer high-level content to meet the needs of its users, keeping the PS5 at the center of attention in the gaming landscape.

Ultimately, even according to the most authoritative industry sources, the arrival of Stellar Blade is just one of the many reasons why PlayStation 5 owners can eagerly await the month of April: with an ever-expanding library of games and new exclusives coming soon, the console confirms itself as the best choice for players who get bored quickly.

Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series Among these, Sand Land (April 26), based on the manga of the same name by Akira Toriyama. This action RPG will take players to a desert world full of mysteries and adventures. Thanks to its gripping plot and immersive gameplay, Sand Land promises to be an unforgettable 360-degree experience. The title has become one of the flagship exclusives for the Microsoft console, already presenting itself from the first trailers as a compelling adventure, to be finished in one breath.

The choice is completed by the solid line-up of exclusive games and the support of services such as Xbox Game Pass: today the console offers a complete and engaging gaming experience for its users. Microsoft continually strives to bring new content and innovations to its platform, keeping the Xbox Series

PC e Nintendo Switch

There are no less previews for the Nintendo Switch console which also offers a free subscription. Among the most anticipated releases, we find Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – Sweep the Board! (April 25), a multiplayer experience inspired by the popular anime/manga series Demon Slayer.

Finally, the world of PC video games will not be outdone with some highly anticipated releases. Among these is Europa (April 16), an indie adventure set on a terraformed moon of Jupiter. Europa offers a wide range of puzzles to solve and secrets to discover, with an enchanting atmosphere and engaging gameplay. This title is aimed at PC gamers looking for a unique and compelling experience, offering a mix of puzzles, exploration and storytelling that promises to capture the attention of all those who love quality indie games.

Another highly anticipated release is Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes (April 23), an epic JRPG that promises to take players into a fantasy world full of adventures and memorable characters, so much so that it is destined to become a modern classic among gamers PC.