Call of Duty: former developer talks about canceled game Zombies

A former Activision developer sheds light on what the canceled Call of Duty: Zombies standalone live service game could have been like

Among the relics of the past of Call of Duty Capture the Flag mode has just returned, but from the publisher's underground Activision the hand of also emerges a long canceled game: a separate live service, free to play, for the mode Zombies. The latter always comes “alive”, so to speak, as we had the opportunity to tell you about the news of the last season. Now, to shed light is an interview held with a former developer, who revealed that he worked on the project until the fateful day when Raven Software had to “pull the plug” on development. We are talking about a gestation that has occurred between 2011 and 2012conceived with a business model that would undoubtedly prove ahead of its time.

Project Zed: the canceled title for Call of Duty's Zombies mode

With the code name Project Zedthe canceled game should have combine “the best of Call of Duty: Zombies with the addictive replayability of multiplayer, adding CoD Online's robust microtransaction model to bring monetization to the franchise, and a constant flow of new modes, maps, and avatar customization to bring old and returning players back new to the game!” Naturally, all that remains of this “elevator pitch” is the premise, but the idea of ​​what it should have been certainly piques our curiosity. Just as we are naturally intrigued by thebutterfly Effect that the project would have resulted in the franchise which still remains militaristic.

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