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All you need to know about Iliad fiber

February 25 Iliad launched his fiber. And it did so following the same philosophy that accompanied its debut in the mobile phone market: low rates, quality service, customer care at the service of customers and a lot of transparency.
It therefore becomes easy to understand why the Iliad fiber immediately captured the attention of Italians, including ours.
But before launching yourself into the fray and requesting the passage, let’s try to understand what Iliad actually proposes, how to join the offer and what costs you will have to bear.

How much does Iliad fiber cost?

fiber iliad priceiliad fiber comparison

Let’s start from the base: the price of Iliad fiber.
For all those who are already mobile customers the rate is € 15.99 per month while for all the others the cost is 23,99 € per month.
In both cases, billing is monthly.

What other costs do I have to bear?

During registration it will be necessary to pay, by payment card, the activation fee, equal to € 39.99. It’s a one-time fee, so once you get paid you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

The free loan of the modem is instead free – the iliadbox -, but remember that, in case of cancellation, you will have to return it or pay 149 €. The same rate will apply if you damage the modem and need to replace it. If, on the other hand, the problem is generated by Iliad or by the modem itself, then the replacement will be borne by the operator.

Lastly, the transfer of calls to fixed and mobile numbers is not included. The rates in this case are € 0.05 per minute, € 0.01 per second up to 18 seconds and then € 0.01 every 12 seconds.

Are there any additional services I can request?

During registration it will be possible to activate McAfee Multi Access antivirus at a cost of € 2.99 per month.

Iliad has also created an extend to be combined with the iliadbox to enhance the Wi-Fi signal and thus cover your entire home. The installation is automatic and does not require the intervention of the technician. The cost is € 1.99 per month (leased) and you can add it to your offer a maximum of 4 Iliad wifi extender.

How fast is Iliad fiber?

fiber iliad speed

Contrary to what was expected by other operators, Iliad opted for fiber FTTH, which means Fiber To The Home. In other words, “fiber up to the house”.
This means that the fiber optic cable goes from the control unit to the nearest cabinet and then from the cabinet to the home.
Know that it is not so obvious: many fiber connections in Italy are FTTC (Fiber To The Cabinet), so with the optical fiber that reaches the cabinet while copper is used from the cabinet at home.
The FTTH connection guarantees much higher performance than the FTTC one but is much less widespread in our country, which is why today Iliad can reach about 7 million Italians.

Why are we telling you all this? Because FTTH allows Iliad to offer 1 Gbps in download e 300 Mbps in upload in Milan, Turin and Bologna while in the rest of Italy it reaches 5 Gbps in download and 700 Mbps in download.
We remind you that this is the maximum speed.
You must also consider the minimum that in Milan, Turin and Bologna is 100 Mbps in download e 31 Mbps in upload while in all the other areas covered by the Iliad fiber it is 300 Mbsp in download e 28 Mbps in upload.

Are calls included?

Iliad’s rate includes unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in Italy and to 62 international destinations.

What else is included?

The offer also includes the answering machine, the option called in anomimo, the display of the number of calls and the blocking of hidden numbers as well as, as anticipated, the free loan of the iliadbox.

How do I know if Iliad fiber arrives at my home?

iliad fiber coverage

Checking coverage is very simple. All you have to do is go to the Iliad website, click on the button Check your coverage and enter the address of your home. In a moment the system will tell you if you can subscribe to the offer or not.
If the response is negative you can leave your email address to be contacted when the Iliad fiber is available.

I’m covered. Now how do I subscribe to the offer?

The Iliad offer can be subscribed both via the web and at the Iliad Store and Iliad Corner.

To join via the web, just visit iliad.it, click on Fiber and then on Register. At this point you will need to enter your details and provide a copy of a valid document including Italian identity card, Italian driving license and passport.
You will also have to indicate a preference for the appointment with the Open Fiber technician for the installation of the fiber and pay the activation fee by card.

The same procedure can be done at the Iliad Stores – Iliad Corner, also in that case obtaining a copy of a valid document.

Can I bring my landline number to Iliad?

During registration you can ask to bring your landline number to Iliad. As? By answering yes to the question “You already have an active line” and choosing a temporary number to use during the migration process. To complete the procedure it will be necessary the migration code provided by the current network provider and consisting of a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 19 characters.
Normally you can find it on the invoice or in the personal area; alternatively you can call or write to customer service.

Do they give me a modem with the Iliad fiber?

iliad fibra modem

The iliadbox modem is on loan for free use. It is produced directly by iliad, supports Wi-Fi 5 and can be controlled via the dedicated application.

Is there something I have to do or does a technician think about it?

The delivery and installation of the iliadbox are the responsibility of the technician, as well as that of any Iliad wifi extenders added during the subscription phase.
The technician can also request the overturning of the sockets and the optical extension.

Remember that the technician does not come to you by surprise. After registering you will receive an SMS with a link to make an appointment, followed by a confirmation email.

If I want to use my router, can I do it?

Iliad has foreseen an offer called Net Neutrality which excludes the commanded use of the modem from the offer. You can thus choose to use another modem, as long as it meets certain requirements.
Here you can find compatible models and configuration parameters.

How long does it take to switch to Iliad fiber?

At the moment no precise timing is available. Iliad, however, takes care of the entire migration and takes care of never leave without the Internet, so you will not experience network interruptions during the process.

Can I cancel when I want?

One of the pillars on which Iliad has built its offer is the freedom, even that of changing operators. You can therefore unsubscribe when you want, then proceeding to return the iliadbox. The cost for deactivation is € 19.

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