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Always carry the beat with you with Sharp’s new party speaker

Sharp Consumer Electronics, a leading global technology company, debuts the XParty Street Beat (PS-949), a powerful, compact speaker designed to elevate your music experience to new heights

With flashing LED lighting and strobe lights that pulse in sync with the music, Sharp’s latest speaker can turn any party into an unforgettable experience.

Always carry the beat with you with Sharp's new party speaker

Elevate your beat with Sharp’s new XParty Street Beat.

Thanks to the effect Super Bass, XParty Street Beat It offers disco-like sound and is the ideal choice for music lovers on the go. Its design makes it highly portablewith integrated wheels and a carrying handle, allowing users to take their music anywhere.

Additionally, you can place your phone or tablet on top of the device to easily access playlists and charge them via the USB port.

XParty Street Beat is also splash resistant (IPX4), making it suitable for use outdoors, near the pool or even in drizzle. Thanks to built-in lithium ion batteryoffer 12 hours of uninterrupted playbackallowing the party to last a long time.

Disco lights a LED multicolore and strobes synchronized with the music create an immersive experience.

Get the party started with DJ effects, wireless streaming and more. XParty Street Beat also features 6 DJ effectssuch as the airhorn and laser, to entertain the crowd.

The equalizer con six presets allows for personalized audio, while the Super Bass boost increases energy in the environment. Additionally, the XParty Street Beat offers Bluetooth wireless connectivity, 2 microphone/guitar inputs, Aux and USB playback, offering a wide range of connectivity options.

The Duo mode allows you to pair two speakers to get True Wireless Stereo (TWS) sound and take the party to the next level.

For greater convenience, l’app SharpLife allows the control of the PS-949 from anywhere in the room and also offers 6 additional DJ effects (for a total of 12) that can be swapped with those already available or activated via the app itself.

“XParty Street Beat is not just any speaker, it is the ideal device for parties. Sharp has a long history of producing speakers that our consumers truly love. The XParty Street Beat’s feature set was designed for enjoyment, and we also wanted to make sure the audio quality was perfect. With the included microphone and advanced features such as reverb control this speaker is truly complete! At Sharp, we are confident that the XParty Street Beat (PS-949) will be the best choice for consumers looking for an affordable portable party speaker with all the latest features,” said Matt Sienko, European Product Director for ‘Audio by Sharp Consumer Electronics.

Prices and availability

Il XParty Street Beat (PS-949) is already on sale at recommended price of 279 euros.

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