Amazfit GTS 4 review, a certainty for sportsmen

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Amazfit has recently launched a new generation of smartwatches with excellent value for money and with many features designed for sportsmen. But with some interesting new features too, such as the Alexa voice assistant. We then tested Amazfit GTS 4 for this review and we must say that by now the company is a certainty for those who play amateur sports. But is it the right product for you? We help you understand this by telling you about our experience with this simple but complete smartwatch.

Our Amazfit GTS 4 review

Opening the box of the Amazfit GTS 4 we received for this review, we were faced with a simple but really nice device. Our device is in coloring Misty Whitewhich perhaps is not the one we would have personally chosen (we are more from Infinite Black). But they are elegant and well-matched colors, even the Rosebud Pink and theAutumn Brown (unique with nylon strap).

The design is really simple: a 1.75 inch square displayi, a chest in aluminum with a pleasant ‘brushed’ effect, a silicone strap with a solid grip but easily removable if you try to customize your smartwatch. But everything seems well taken care of in detail, even better than products with a higher price.

The 1.75-inch screen in particular has perfect contrasts thanks to the AMOLED technologywith a resolution of 390×450 pixel that offers clear images and convincing colors. Even during physical activity you can see very well and we have enough space to keep an eye on all the information we need during training (perhaps too much for us ‘amateurs’). All with a device that weighs only 27 grams and measures 42.7×36.5×9.9mm.

The sensor BioTracker 4.0 raises the watch slightly from the wrist, but we have to admit that this is one of the less “bulky” smartwatches we have tried, in relation to the big screen. We forgot we were wearing it after a few seconds.

He touchscreen is very fluid and precise, so much so that we can easily select the various options in the menus, which by default are perhaps a bit too small, especially during the heat of a race. But we must say that the accuracy of the touch and the excellent crown placed to the right of Amazfit GTS 4 have never disappointed us during this review.

Well organized health features

The functions for greeting, both on the smartphone and on theapp Zepp that you have to download to synchronize the smartphone, they are really well managed. Monitoring of the beat it seems pretty accurate to us (comparing it to another smartwatch on the other wrist).

Also you can measure around the clock also the level of oxygen saturation and that of stresss, which you can also detect manually.

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As Amazfit has now accustomed us, all these values ​​are summarized in PAI, which provides a numbers value to sum it all up in one glance. But already by clicking on the score on the smartwatch or going to the Zepp app you will find the detail, a daily history and much more.

The analysis of the sleep, with the tracking of the various phases, the detection of naps during the day. There are even scores and the analysis of the breath during sleep. Several rivals have presented innovative sleep features over the past couple of years, but we have to say that the Amazfit GTS 4 gave us everything we needed when testing this review.

Then there are functions like breathing exercisesmonitoring of the cycle menstrual. And then not only notifications to remind you to move, but also for too high or too low heart rate, abnormal oxygen or stress levels, and even prompts for breathing exercises. In short: a truly complete package, especially considering the price.

Amazfit GTS 4 review: a world of sport

Currently the Amazfit site scores well 154 sports modes for this device. As you can imagine, and as with any other device on the market, in some cases it just shows the elapsed time and heart rate.

But some businesses have precise metrics and for 25 strength exercises and 8 sports have automatic recognition del movement. We enjoyed the bill of the tubs while we swam (withstands 5 atmospheres underwater), especially because the large screen makes it easy to see even with goggles. And during the home workouts (cardio circuits and a couple of high intensity) scored the pulse changes well.

But above all he convinced us during the corsa.

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Dual-band GPS, which uses six satellites to find your location, does this a little bit at first slowly: we walked for about twenty meters waiting for him to find the position. But then she charted our path with excellent accuracyeven when we passed through tall buildings before exiting the town.

The big screen shows pace, distance, time and pulse clearly, giving us everything we need. The training assistant, that every kilometer reminds us of the pace and other details about the kilometer just run, we “constant amateurs” do not find it essential. But those who start or restart running can use it to not overdo it, while those who train with more vigor than us can have precise statistics without having to manage the menus during the race.

The experience seems to us the one Amazfit has now accustomed us to: if you are not a professional, you don’t need anything more.

Other features, notifications and more

There is no shortage of real smartwatch features, albeit with some limitations. In fact, you cannot install extra apps on the smartwatch, although there is support for different accounts, almost all for sports. You can in fact connect: Google Fit, Strava, Relive e Adidas Running.

But also find WeChat and, even more interesting, Amazon Alexa. The voice assistant works well: after connecting the account we started a timer and carried out other activities. However keep in mind that you will not be able to make calls or send messages using Alexa.

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The notifications, however, are simple to view, being able to discard them or giving a quick response. We are fans of this minimalist approach which allows for look at the smartphone only when needed, without replacing it. But if it is essential for you to dictate reply messages, it is not the right device.

However, you can do a lot: you can start one call directly from your smartphone, as well as receiving them. You can consult the weather, your agenda. In short: it is not a wrist smartphone, but it really offers many possibilities. More than we are used to seeing in this price range.


You will have to put in a lot of effort to download this smartwatch in just one week: even if you run and cycle with GPS active every day. For average use, expect at least ten days without a charger, up to two weeks.

Amazfit GTS 4 review: is it worth buying?

With a price of 199,90 euroAmazfit GTS 4 th highly recommended: in this review he confirmed the value of the brand and has always surprised us positively. Despite the square shape, it doesn’t have all the features of an Apple Watch but it has everything 99% of users need, for a very competitive price.

Even without considering the price, we would recommend this product to all non-professional sportsmen with our eyes closed. The alternative could be the GTR 4 if you prefer round smartphones andAmazfit GTS 4 Mini if ​​you want a smaller device. Amazfit now proves to be a certainty and this line in particular has the optimal value for money for almost all users.


  • Great for workouts
  • Lots of extra features
  • Lightweight but big screen


  • Alexa is useful but not complete
  • Good but not great battery
  • GPS a bit slow (but then very accurate)