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Amazfit: how to make the most of it in spring

Amazfit and spring: two “worlds” that meet in a perfect union that relaunches fitness paths at all levels, also aided by a climate that is often conducive to outdoor workouts.

Amazfit, a brand owned by Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP), is ready to provide professional assistance for your fitness journey through an advanced health monitoring system. The brand’s own-developed PeakBeatsTM feature and well-known PAI health assessment system use proprietary algorithms to enable measurement of overall health status and personalized routine planning

Per massime performance: PeakBeatsTM

PeakBeatsTM developed by Amazfit can accurately measure user performance with four specific data types, including maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 Max), training load, training effect and full recovery time.

PeakBeatsTM provides two training scores to measure how users can benefit from a single activity even when it consists of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. During exercise, sensors continue to monitor physical performance and adjust training scores accordingly. At the end of the workout, PeakBeatsTM provides a score ranging from 0.0 to 5.0 to indicate the effect of the exercise on the user’s athletic ability. The algorithm can also evaluate the sum of the user’s EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) up to seven days after exertion, to generate a score to indicate an adequate training load. After training, the system recommends the time it takes for the body to recover.

To help build and improve users’ athletic capacity more efficiently, PeakBeatsTM also estimates the amount of oxygen consumed by the body during maximum intensity workouts, and classifies aerobic capacity into seven levels, ranging from Very Poor to Excellent.

This comprehensive health report enables PeakBeatsTM to act as a personal trainer, helping users better understand their exercise capacity and physical condition.

PAI Health Assessment System for better management of one’s health

Moderate exercise increases cardiopulmonary capacity and contributes to the overall physical well-being of the body. To help users better manage their health status, Amazfit’s Advanced Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) Assessment uses algorithms to convert complex data such as heart rate, exercise duration and other multidimensional body health data into a single intuitive and easy to interpret score. It covers most forms of exercise and can be customized based on basic information such as age and gender to reflect the body’s unique response to different forms of exercise.

The intelligent motion sensor systematically detects health data within seven days, then evaluates it against the user’s age and gender to create a PAI score. According to the HUNT Fitness Study, people who consistently maintain their PAI score above 100 are adequately active, with a reduced risk of hypertension, heart disease, and type II diabetes. Commonly used by fitness professionals, Amazfit’s PAI health rating system also indicates the correct duration, method and intensity of exercises to help users improve their PAI scores and meet fitness goals.

One-touch measurements

Amazfit’s latest smart wearable series also features a four-in-one health snapshot. In just 45 seconds and with a single tap, users can get four different data on their health, including heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate and pressure score. Unlike conventional health measurements which plot data separately, this user-friendly feature offers a complete health status at a single glance.

Featuring only the latest products in the GTR 3 and GTS 3 series, Amazfit’s developed PeakBeatsTM function and one-touch measurement are designed following the simple philosophy of ensuring easier health management. The comprehensive health score provided by the brand’s well-known PAI Health Assessment also serves as a professional trainer for personalized routine planning. Providing premium and professional guidance, Amazfit’s next-level fitness features promise a training program that maximizes each user’s effectiveness and convenience.

As easy as breathing

Because the breathing process supplies the body with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide as waste, the number of breaths emitted per minute can be a great indicator of health.

Breathing too fast could contribute to problems including high blood pressure, stress and anxiety, while breathing too slowly could indicate problems like sleep apnea and depression.

According to studies conducted by the University of Rome[1]measuring your breath rate is a “higher” estimate than monitoring other vital health statistics, including heart rate.

Amazfit’s new GTR 3 and GTS 3 Series smartwatches include a breath rate monitoring feature that measures the amount of breaths taken per minute – helping users assess whether they are breathing at their normal breathing rate (for a resting user this is true). around 12-16 breaths per minute). Amazfit’s advanced technology also measures the quality of your breath while you sleep. If high stress is detected, this requires opening the watch breathing exercise to help regain control of breathing and reduce stress and anxiety

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