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Android 13, here is the first public beta

The first public beta of Android 13 becomes available to anyone with a pixel device compatible. A novelty that comes from the Google I / O (11 and 12 May), when the official presentation of the new operating system will take place. Now everyone can try the new androidnot just developers.

Android 13, the first public beta arrives

The first two developer previews have already shown some of the most interesting novelties of the new operating system developed by Google. There is support for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio. And then a new image selector that allows you to choose which ones photo can access an app, increasing security.

Then there are many new graphics, with some new options for icon themes that perfectly match the Material Design developed by Google. And there is a new permissions system that could reduce authorization spam by optimizing the system.


The new features announced with the first public beta of Android 13 instead, absurdly, focused on developer features. Like changes to local storage access permissions for media sharing. In particular, he will ask specifically access to photos, audio or video, rather than generally to all media.

Then there are some news for Keystore e KeyMint, which manage Android’s cryptographic keys. In addition, there are changes in the API for audio playback. In short, all features that non-developer users may never notice.

If you are looking for more information, you can consult the Android 13 development page. But to see the news that Google will undoubtedly present this year, we will probably have to wait for the Google I / O. We will keep you updated in case of news.

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