Amazfit: the new GTR 4 and GTS 4 are available

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Amazfit has announced the availability of its new GTR 4 and GTS 4 smartwatches. The best partners for a healthy and active lifestyle

Equipped with GPS system and advanced sports functions, with the intelligent design of the GTR 4 and the fashionable look of the GTS 4. The new Amazfit smartwatches are the perfect representation of “Smart Fitness Made Easy”.

Details of the new Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4

Amazfitthe world’s leading brand in the smart wearables sector part of the Zepp group, has just launched the fourth generation of the GTR and GTS series. The new watches feature a unique dual band GPS antenna with circular polarization, which allows high precision positioning. In addition, they have a large display HD AMOLED and advanced sports features, all wrapped up in an elegant design.

Equipped with many updated features for the fitness and health, Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4 smartwatches are designed to inspire a healthier and more active lifestyle. These new devices aim to help users stay healthy and track their daily activities and performance.

Amazfit: the new GTR 4 and GTS 4 are available

GTS 4 & GTR 4 highlight features

Industry leading dual band GPS antenna technology with circular polarization. Over 150 sports modes and intelligent exercise recognition. Built-in speaker; transmission of live sports data and storage and playback of music. Classic design oriented to the latest fashions.

BioTracker 4.0 PPG biometric optical sensor updated. Updated battery saving mode for continuous use. New sleep monitoring functions e morning update. Zepp OS 2.0 updated; customizable layouts and themes and a richer mini app ecosystem.

Advanced sports modes

The brand new Amazfit watches are equipped with over 150 sports modes and advanced fitness functions. These allow sports enthusiasts to track data from all types of activities, including soccer, tennis, swimming, biking and running. The new series recognizes automatically eight sports modes and integrates a new one Advanced Track Run mode and the new Golf Swing mode. Meanwhile, users can sync their training data with Strava and soon with adidas Runningthanks to the new partnership between Amazfit and adidas Runtastic.

Watches are also the perfect companions for professional and efficient training. Thanks to the intelligent recognition of 15 exercises (which will become 25 after the firmware update), the watch automatically counts the repetitions, sets and rest time of the user. You can also create custom interval training templates for 10 different sports directly on the watch display. All while the training status algorithm PeakBeatsTM developed by the brand will provide performance data, such as VO2 Max, at the end of any workout.

Amazfit: the new GTR 4 and GTS 4 are available

Resistance to pressure

The new series is also equipped with a grade of 5 ATM protectionwhich means it can withstand a water pressure equivalent to one depth of 50 meters. In addition, it supports swim tracking with intelligent stroke recognition, SWOLF data to measure training efficiency and heart rate monitoring to accompany users on their aquatic adventures.

Unmatched navigation system

Both the GTR 4 and GTS 4 devices are the first smartwatches in the industry to include dual band GPS antenna technology with circular polarization. This guarantees ahigh positioning signal strength and allows users to move in any environment reducing the margin of error.

The recently updated GPS technology now offers dual band e five satellite systems, allowing the wearer to follow their movements in any activity in real time. In a future firmware update, the technology will support six satellite systems. The watches will also support route import and real-time navigation. This way users can import a route file from the Zepp app and track their movements in real time, right on the watch.

Amazfit: the new GTR 4 and GTS 4 are available

Improved health monitoring and management

The new BioTracker 4.0 PPG optical sensor, developed in-house, is upgraded to 2LED and collects 33% more data than the previous generation. Additionally, when combined with the watches’ updated heart rate detection algorithm, potential signal interference caused by arm movement during exercise is greatly reduced. With the result of a detection of the heart rate almost equivalent to that of the heart bands.

These Amazfit devices can also monitor the heart ratethe blood oxygen saturation eh stress levels 24/7 and they can quickly test these three metrics, plus respiratory rate, in just 45 seconds with a single touch, thanks to the One-tap Measuring feature. The watches also offer numerous other health features, including a better sleep tracking. Users can now adjust their sleep schedule based on their habits. With Daily Sleep Tracking, your device identifies your sleep based on the predefined schedule. Sleep that coincides with the planned time of day will be recorded as the main rest time. Users who work night shifts will now be able to monitor their total sleep and sleep stages even during the day with a set sleep schedule.

Large battery and Smart Assistance

Amazfit GTR 4 can last 14 days with typical use. Meanwhile, Amazfit GTS 4 also packs a powerful battery that can last in its super slim body over a week with typical use. GTR 4 and GTS 4 have arrived in Italy to simplify the daily life of users with new morning updates and Bluetooth phone calls, for faster and more convenient management of notifications. The operating system Zepp OS, powerful and easy to use, it has been updated and enriched with the Mini App Ecosystem. This includes two brand new games and the third party apps GoPro and Home Connect.

Amazfit watches also offer voice assistant Alexa integrated for online voice commands, as well as hands-free workouts thanks to the autonomous music storage and playback functions. They also have a built-in speaker and the ability to transmit sport mode data in real time. Such as heart rate, exercise duration and distance, and even hydration reminders via the user’s Bluetooth speaker or headphones.

Amazfit: the new GTR 4 and GTS 4 are available

Refined design

The fourth generation of the Amazfit GTR and GTS series is available in different color palettes, to combine style, personality and performance. Amazfit GTR 4 combines a high-end design which includes an anti-reflective glass bezel, a metal bezel and a classic sports car-inspired crown. Making it the perfect companion for anyone who wants to be elegant in the office. The smartwatch also boasts more than 200 watch faces with always-on design. Including over 30 animated and four new interactive watch faces. It comes in three gorgeous colors, including Superspeed Black, Vintage Brown Leather, and Racetrack Gray.

Amazfit GTS 4 adopts a structure thin and light of 9.9 mm and 27 g, with an aluminum alloy center frame and an exquisite gem-cut navigation crown. The fashion-conscious device is also equipped with a display HD AMOLED ultra grande da 1,75″ for smooth, seamless interaction. It also enjoys an impressive 72.8% screen-to-body ratio and 341 ppi. The clock screen can be viewed at any time thanks to the always-on display and has over 150 downloadable watch faces. The smartwatch is available in four vibrant colors: Infinite Black, Misty White, Autumn Brown and Rosebud Pink.


Amazfit’s Zepp OS operating system, powerful and easy to use, has been updated. In addition to benefiting from super-smooth interactions and a user interface tailored to the smartwatch, designed to consume less power, users can now select one of two app menu layout styles and more natural or more vibrant color schemes. The expanded range of downloadable mini apps has also added “Baby Records,” which allows users to record sleep times e you feeding your babyplus two brand new downloadable games and third-party apps GoPro and Home Connect.

Amazfit GTR 4 and GTS 4 sleep now available in Italy at the recommended retail price of 199,90 € by Euronics. By 1 October the products will also be available on Amazfit official channels and at other retailers.

For more information, you can visit the Amazfit official website.

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