Google Stadia: announced the closure of the service

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This year has not really gone the right way for Google as it will close its Stadia cloud gaming service shortly

Despite having started with the best of intentions, still in November 2019, the cloud gaming service Google Stadia has had a hard time keeping up with the gaming market. Unfortunately in the end it turned out to be a classic example of “All smoke and no roast” so that will close next yearbut let’s go ahead with some order.

Google Stadia: sign up on January 18, 2023

Anyone who has shown a minimum of skepticism towards this service in the end he can say he was right to sell! Yup it will close permanently on January 18, 2023 and, furthermore, there will no longer be any services available. So if you have purchased hardware or software of any kind, these will no longer be usable, but the company has already announced one large amount of refunds which will be disbursed by mid-January.

The core technology platform that powers Stadia has been tested on a massive scale and transcends gaming. We see good opportunities for applying this technology to other parts of Google such as YouTube, Google Play and our augmented reality efforts, as well as making it available to our industry partners, in line with the future of gaming. We remain deeply committed to gaming and will continue to invest in new tools, technologies and platforms that fuel the success of developers, industry partners, cloud customers and creators.

Google Stadia: announced the closure of the service

This is the message from the head of the project, Phil Harrison, who then added that both he and the same company are still fervent supporters of the technology used by this project so much so that both will continue to work with cloud gaming in other branches of the company. In the meantime, however, that’s how it went!

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