Amazon Air also flies to India

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Amazon Air also comes in India: the air fleet for deliveries of the shopping giant takes flight in the Indian subcontinent. A territory in which Amazon believes a lot, having invested over $6.5 billion in the logistics infrastructure of the country.

Amazon Air also debuts in India

Amazon’s air delivery service debuted in 2016 in the United States, with more than three dozen Boeings in the air, before also starting a test phase in the United Kingdom. India is therefore the third largest market in which Amazon lancia Amazon Air. Which is the name of the service, although the title “Amazon Prime Air” remains on the planes, which the shopping giant now uses for deliveries via drone.

In India, Amazon has partnered with the ccargo airline Quikjet, which is based in Bengaluru. Together, they launched the shopping giant’s first air freight service in the country. Which in doing so aims to speed up deliveries.

Air deliveries throughout the Indian subcontinent

Amazon, which uses the Boeing 737-800 for the service, said Amazon Air will initially deliver cargo to Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad e BangaloreAnd. An Amazon executive described the launch of Amazon Air as a “huge step forward for the aviation industry,” although there were no details as to why.

Amazon’s decision comes after the company opened its logistics and delivery service to third parties as well, allowing other businesses and brands to use the speed of the Prime service. The analyst Satish Meena he explains to TechCrunch that “Amazon India uses their services for delivery of around 80-85% of orders and has opened up their delivery arm to other sellers. Delivery itself is an activity that it can reach huge sizes in India. So it makes sense that they start in India.”

A complex market

India is one of Amazon’s core markets outside the US. Although it is not the main e-commerce operating in the subcontinent. In fact, that role is up to Flipkartsupported by the American Walmart. Indeed, it seems that Amazon is struggling to penetrate the smaller cities of India. The investment in Amazon Air could perhaps change thatproviding better access to various geographical areas of the country.

However, it should be noted that Amazon in India also had to close three business units in the past year that instead operate in Europe and America. How Amazon Distribution for capillary logistics, Amazon Food for the delivery of fresh food and also the platform of e-learning Academy.

The impact of Amazon’s air fleet on Indian business remains to be assessed, we will keep you updated.