L'accesso a Libero e Virgilio è fuori uso, in down la casella postale thumbnail

Access to Libero and Virgilio is out of order, the mailbox is down

Costa is happening in the last few hours to emails of Liber and Virgil? Many users are complaining that they are unable to access their mailbox due to a down.

Libero and Virgilio down, why?

Libero and Virgilio’s mailbox has been down since at least midnight today, Monday 23 January. No user can access their personal email, the problem still persists. From Libero and Virgil it seems there is no official communication explanation about what happened.

They are just the users to complain about the problem, many of whom use the mailboxes of Libero and Virgilio above all for work. For this reason i inconvenience they are not few. The only news from the two companies is one apology screen that appears to the user trying to access itwhich states that the problem will be fixed as soon as possible. It is assumed, therefore, that the computer scientists are working hard to solve the problem.

Many have rightly wondered if perhaps the problem did not depend on the type of device from which they connected to Libero and Virgilio’s email. But whether you log in from a computer or smartphone (both Apple and Android) and whether you choose one browser over another, the inconvenience of not being able to access your email persists.

In spite of everything, it is hoped that the fault will be fixed as soon as possible to allow workers and not only to regain full possession of their mailbox without any type of further problem that could slow down Everyday life.

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Free, what is it

Libero is an Italian portal owned by Italyonline. Founded in 1994 by Infostrada, Libero was born as a site to help users navigate the Internet and use e-mail.

Virgil, what is it

Always owned by ItalyonlineVirgilio is an Italian web portal founded in 1996 by Matrix SpA and used both as a search engine and for information content organized into channels and services such as Webmail.

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