Amazon and NIO Cocktails: the perfect drinks for Prime Day

To celebrate Prime Day and the passions of Italian customers, Amazon and NIO Cocktails present a special tasting cocktail box, available for pre-order on starting today

On the occasion of Prime Day 2021, the event with extraordinary offers on over 2 million products to be held globally on 21 and 22 June and dedicated to Prime customers – Amazon has chosen to collaborate with NIO Cocktails, an Italian startup founded by young entrepreneurs Luca Quagliano and Alessandro Palmarin and which, since 2017, has been offering ready-to-taste cocktails made with top quality ingredients.

Expertly blended from master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, founder of Drink Kong included in the World’s 50 Best Bars, the specialties featured in the exclusive NIO Cocktails box for Prime Day 2021 are inspired by four passions – Movies and TV series, books, music and video games – to celebrate as many benefits included in the Amazon subscription Prime: Prime Video, Prime Reading, Prime Music and Prime Gaming.

With this collaboration, Amazon wants to emphasize in a concrete way its commitment to investing in new promotional activities to encourage customers to purchase small and medium-sized business products. Also this year, Prime Day, will offer them the opportunity to present their items to over 200 million Prime customers around the world. The NIO Cocktails box for Prime Day 2021 is available for pre-order on starting today and, when it’s time to have fun, just shake the package of your favorite cocktail, open it and pour it on the ice! All that remains is to discover the exclusive mixology recipes designed by NIO Cocktails for Amazon and live, with their unmistakable taste, the unique experience of Prime Day!

Amazon e NIO Cocktails: i drink disponibili

  • STREAM ‘N’ SOUR (Alc. 11.1% Vol.): Like a script also written in mixology, Stream ‘N’ Sour is the perfect cocktail for Amazon Prime Video. In fact, to give life to an overwhelming and unique tasting story, Select Aperitif, with a vigorous and botanical main note, with a hint of essential oils and citrus fruits, meets the Crema de Cacao Bianco, the delicious clear chocolate-flavored liqueur, accompanied with light tones of vanilla and apricot.
  • BOOKTAIL (Alc. 12.3% Vol.): It is a cocktail with a strong texture designed and created for Amazon Prime Reading. The mixology recipe of this drink has two protagonists with a unique and distinctive personality: the Select, with a strong character and an unmistakable taste, and the Roner green apple liqueur. A combination of great elegance for an unmissable tasting story.
  • RHUMBA (Alc. 14.1% Vol.): It is a cocktail that with its tasting notes enchants like a real soundtrack, and was dedicated to for Amazon Prime Music. The fascinating Rum Santiago de Cuba is the pressing melody and the basis of this cocktail: its strong notes of tobacco, with hints of cocoa and vanilla, are complemented by the soft and complex character of Falernum #Nine and the Passion Fruit Giffard liqueur .
  • GAME SOUR (Alc. 12.9% Vol.): Finally, for Amazon Prime Gaming and for a top-level cheers, a cocktail was mixed with the prestigious Gin London Dry Tanqueray, enriched with Toschi Anise syrup on a citric base.

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