BEKO SJA3209BX SLOW JUICER: a fast and silent cold extractor

Beko Slow Juicer, an excellent cold juicer that works silently. In no time we will have a delicious fruit juice available

Beko’s SJA3209BX extractor is part of the range of ProWellness small appliances designed for those who want to eat healthy while also maintaining the taste. The extractor has thea tecnologia Slow Squeezing which allows you to enjoy fruit and vegetable juices while keeping all their vitamin and nutritional characteristics intact. Thanks to the accessories available, it manages to be versatile and practical. Another important feature is the silence: the very low noise makes it possible to use the cold extractor at any time of day or night.

BEKO SJA3209BX SLOW JUICER: main features

  • Tecnologia Slow Squeezing: With only 50 revolutions per minute, the juice is generated by crushing and crushing ingredients slowly, rather than chopping them at high speed. The gentle squeezing, generating less heat, allows, at the same time, a maximization of the quantity of product obtained and a better preservation of vitamins and minerals.
  • Sorbet accessory: Thanks to the steel crusher accessory for frozen fruit it is possible to enjoy frozen yogurt or homemade sorbets.
  • XL nozzle: Thanks to the XL nozzle you can insert pieces the size of an apple without even cutting it in half.
  • Double rotation: The clockwise and counterclockwise rotation prevents the pulp from clogging the extraction channel, simplifying maintenance operations and allowing you to obtain greater quantities of juice.
  • Super quiet: The very low noise level allows the Beko cold extractor to be used at any time of day or night.
  • Juice / waste separator: The juice and the waste material come out of two different ducts at the same time.

BEKO SJA3209BX SLOW JUICER: a fast and silent cold extractor

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