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Amazon and WWE form an anti-counterfeiting tag team

In pieno stile wrestling, Amazon e WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.) formano un tag team per fight counterfeit products, filing joint lawsuits. The purpose is to protect the customers and the authenticity of WWE championship title belts, which are particularly popular with fans.

The cases in question concern 13 defendantswhich have attempted to market and sell replicas of the federation’s belts in the Amazon store. Counterfeit products have affected various WWE belts such as the World Heavyweight Championship, Universal Championship, Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship and NXT Championship.

“WWE’s official and licensed products, with our trademarks, are trusted by our fans around the world and we work hard to protect customers from counterfeits and other types of infringements. We hope other companies will look to Amazon’s Counterfeiting Crimes Unit as a model of partnering with businesses of all sizes to help combat this relentless threat, ”he said. Matthew Winterroth, WWE Vice President of Intellectual Property.

Future plans: how WWE and Amazon will operate

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WWE currently has its own proactive monitoring program and intellectual property protection. This also involves the use of various Amazon security toolsto identify the products subject to any violations.

“Amazon is committed to ensuring the authenticity of the products in our store and protecting our customers from all forms of counterfeiting, including those affecting fans of the iconic WWE entertainment brand,” he said. Kebharu Smith, director of Amazon’s Counterfeiting Crimes Unit. “We will continue to work with WWE and Middlesex County Law Enforcement to bring these bad guys to justice.”

Amazon for counterfeiting crimes, has put a team of former federal prosecutors, former law enforcement officers, experienced investigators and data analysts to work. A real task force who will collaborate with trademark owners and law enforcement agencies in order to prosecute counterfeiters.

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