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Google Search tests a way to recognize shorter articles

Google Search tests a way to recognize shorter thumbnail articles

Google Search he has a naturake knack for keeping his search results useful and up-to-date, but all that glitters isn’t always gold. How many times, in fact, has it happened to you to interrogate the engine with a simple question and to receive back pages and pages of text? Infinite, let’s face it. But here is that Google is able to overcome this problem too, by testing a new label which helps users identify shorter reading material.

Google Search tests the “Quick Read” label

News coming from Google Search, which is testing the “Quick Read” label to allow users to identify shorter articles in results page. A label that will be displayed just below the SEO description, in such a way as to be immediately visible for all those looking for something to read in a short time – indeed, very short -. And here is the most interesting part. The SEO consultant Brodie Clark reports seeing several variations of Google’s new labels. One of these, available on mobile and desktop devices, features a blue clock icon accompanied by black text. Another, on the other hand, has gray uppercase text accompanied by an icon of the same color.

The “<5 Min Read” label was spotted on desktops in gray and blue, for half a dozen variations in total. This means that Google could hypothesize the use of different types of its label, or it could even think about adding the estimated reading time in the search results. This option, on the other hand, has long been a staple for apps like Pocket and RSS feed readers like Feedly. Beyond all, what matters is that Google’s testing of its search pages across all platforms could mean a larger launch is around the corner, waiting for an official announcement.

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