Attenzione alle truffe via SMS: i cybercriminali si fingono Amazon thumbnail

Amazon: beware of SMS scams

Beware of SMS Scams: Cybercriminals are posing as Amazon thumbnails

These days Amazon customers are in the sights of scams via SMS. This is a phishing attack in which victims receive messages apparently from the ecommerce giant. The SMS would invite the unsuspecting user to click on a link, with the purpose of “Protect your account”. Actually the message would redirect to a malicious site which looks identical to that of

At that point the site will ask the user to enter their personal data, which are thus stolen by the scammers.

The SMS scams that are hitting Amazon customers

Regarding the affair Jake Moore – Global Cyber Security Advisor di ESETmanufacturer of cybersecurity software – has released a comment that we propose below:

“Since Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world, it is inevitable that criminals will target people they assume may be customers, sending blank messages to as many numbers as they can get their hands on. SMS scams are on the rise due to the poor checks that are carried out to verify communications, and because it is relatively easy to manipulate people to induce them to carry out any instruction ”.

“Following links in text messages can lead to a familiar looking site which, like any good smishing message, will appear authentic in appearance. Always be cautious, ignoring SMS contacts and favoring the app installed on your phone or authentic website instead. The transmission of access credentials or passwords may involve the risk of economic losses and with few rights of recourse “.

Recently, a new phishing campaign led scammers to pretend to be DHL couriers, in a similar way to what is happening for Amazon customers.

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