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Troll, Netflix horror movie trailer arrives

Troll, Netflix’s fantasy-horror based on the legendary creatures of Norwegian folklore, will be released on December 1

After the many news coming in November, December also promises to be a very rich month for Netflix. One of the most interesting projects that will see the light from 1 December on the streaming platform is definitely Troll, a fantasy-horror film that bears the signature of Roar Uthaug, author of The Wave and the latest Tomb Raider. The film is based on Norwegian folklore and comes with an official trailer that only increases the anticipation for its release. After the first teaser and the official poster, therefore, also the first images of Troll arrive and they promise really well.

Trolls: the plot of the Netflix movie

The creatures of Norwegian folklore, therefore, are the protagonists of this film. After thousands of years of silence, a giant and mysterious awakens in the remote mountain of Dovre, wreaking havoc wherever it goes. The legendary troll comes to life, therefore, in Roar Uthaug’s film and will have to be stopped by a team of researchers, who are also responsible for his awakening. The film was written by Espen Aukan and the film features Marie Wilmann, Kim Falck, Mads Sjogard Pettersen and Gard B. Eisvold.

Troll is also an opportunity to dig deep into the evocative Norwegian folklore, a world already explored by the director Andre Ovredal, author of Troll Hunter, a monster movie that was the first to bring the legendary trolls of the Scandinavian myth to the screen. Now it’s up to Roar Uthaug, who has already shown skills in disaster movies with The Wave and established himself in Hollywood with the Tomb Raider with Alicia Vikander. Now for the Norwegian director comes the proof of Netflix, with his Troll ready to enchant viewers starting from December 1.

Below, here is the official trailer of the film produced and distributed by the streaming platform:

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