Amazon bought the rights to Tomb Raider, but at what price?

Amazon ha acquistato i diritti di Tomb Raider, ma a che prezzo? thumbnail

We have already told you about the numerous Amazon projects related to the hugely popular videogame franchise Tomb Raider. The e-commerce giant would in fact be planning a TV series, a film and a new video game from the Lara Croft saga.

Despite this, the details of the acquisition of the rights are not yet clear. How much did Amazon spend? There are no official answers at the moment. However, several rumors on the net report that the company has invested about 600 million dollars in the franchise rights deal.

Amazon may have spent around $600 million on the rights to Tomb Raider

In a new rumor circulating on the net – picked up by MyNintendoNews – Amazon would have paid out 600 million dollars to grab the Tomb Raider rights. This would guarantee the possibility of producing and selling games, films, TV series, merchandising and everything else that can exploit the name and characters of the saga.

As pointed out, it’s just a rumor. However if this is confirmed it would be the second largest purchase in Amazon’s history. In first place there is in fact the acquisition of the rights to the series of The Lord of the Rings.

Just yesterday The Hollywood Reporter had revealed that Amazon was working to develop one serie TV about the video game franchise Tomb Raider, with scripts written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. But that’s not all: immediately after Deadline confirmed the news, adding that a film produced by would also be in production Amazon Studios. Last month, however, Amazon had officially announced the production of a new chapter of the iconic video game. This will be developed by Crystal Dynamics.

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