Con Samsung SmartThing è possibile usare il supporto Matter anche con iOS thumbnail

With Samsung SmartThing it is possible to use Matter support also with iOS

Matter it is a protocol that allows you to connect the smart devices of the house to each other, so that they are easily usable and compatible with each other. From now, even with Samsung SmartThings you can use Matter support with your operating system iOSand not just Android.

The use of Matter together with the iOS system

The iOS version of the SmartThings app has finally been updated: from now on it is possible to use Matter with the Apple operating system. This update was already anticipated during the CES 2023 in Las Vegas which took place in January and it was before then that there was talk of this step forward.

So what does this mean? All those who own an iPhone will be able to stop using Apple Home as an app to manage their own smart home and start using Matter, through the SmartThings app.

Those who use google for their smart home will also be happy with Matter and the SmartThings app. However, the app Google Home it is not yet available on iOS.

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SmartThings at CES 2022, the details

Samsung also unveiled the brand new station SmartThings al CES 2023. Very useful for centralizing smart home appliances, but also used as a wireless charger.

“Having an automated home shouldn’t be complex or expensive. That’s why we designed SmartThings Station as a simple, reliable and expandable smart home hub,” he says Jaeyeon Jung, Executive Vice President and Head of SmartThings, Device Platform Center di Samsung Electronics. “The number of devices in a connected home is constantly growing, especially after the recent launch of the Matter standard. We are proud to have helped drive the adoption of this amazing technology.”

A smart home hub allows several devices to connect. Among them we find thermostats, light bulbs and sockets. They therefore have the opportunity to easily connect to other devices connected to the server, so that they can interact perfectly to create a harmonious environment. SmartThings Station allows you to automate routines set up via the SmartThings mobile app without the user having to manually control individual devices.

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