Amazon brings its micromobility hubs to Italy

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Amazon today announced the launch of four micromobility hub in Italy: will be active a Milan, Naples, Genoa and Bologna. The goal is to carry out the last mile of delivery in the greenest way possible, reducing air and noise pollution in urban centres, as well as easing traffic. Using some electric cargo scooters, your parcels will arrive with zero emissions.

Amazon launches four micromobility hubs in Italy

Small in size and located near the city center, Amazon’s micromobility hubs offer new types of delivery to streamline traffic and bring packages to our homes in the most sustainable way. They do it with some three-wheeled cargo scooters, cargo bikes and even on foot for the closest deliveries.

Gabriele Sigismondi, Country Director, Amazon Logistics Italiaexplains: “Transportation is a key component of Amazon’s strategy to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2040, a commitment we made with the Climate Pledge. These micromobility hubs allow us to increase the efficiency of our existing facilities and our suppliers’ fleet of electric vehiclesand are already transforming the way we deliver to customers in high-density areas.”

A Milan 25% of parcels in Area C (limited traffic) is delivered with Amazon Logistics service providers with electric scooters, starting from the Rogoredo hub. Share that will increase in 2023.

A Naples instead 60% of parcels in the restricted traffic area, it arrives at customers’ homes via electric scooters. The micromobility hub of Genova allows to Amazon Logistics to deliver 100% of parcels in restricted traffic areas. The newest hub of Bologna will greatly reduce emissions: by 2023, 100% of parcels will be delivered via electric scooters.

A global challenge

Amazon has already brought the hubs of micromobility in over 20 European cities. And it aims to double this number by 2025.

In Italy in 2021 he delivered over 7 million parcels with zero emission vehicles, 100 million in Europe. The company employs over three thousand electric vans in Europe and is investing one billion euros in this project: by 2025 there will be 10 thousand.

All of this is part of Amazon’s commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2040. You can find out more on the dedicated website of The Climate Pledge.