Amazon challenges Starlink: goal to create a satellite Internet network

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Amazon officially launches Elon Musk’s Starlink challenge. The company is preparing to launch 3.236 microsatelliti in low earth orbit with the aim of creating a satellite connection infrastructure. The project, announced in detail last April, is known as Project Kuiper. Here are the details of the new initiative launched by Amazon to challenge Starlink:

Amazon challenges Starlink and aims to create its own satellite network

To further its goal and challenge Starlink in the satellite connection industry, Amazon has signed multi-billion dollar contracts with Blue OriginJeff Bezos’ company, as well as with United Launch Alliancea joint venture of Boeing and Lockheed Martin, and with Arianespace. This is the largest deal ever reached in the private aerospace industry.

The objectives of the project

Amazon intends to create a complete satellite network with a constellation of over 3,000 microsatellites. Currently, Starlink stops at just over 2,000 satellites in orbit. The satellite Internet market is growing and could become an important sector in which to invest over the next few years. Amzon therefore intends to be found ready and quickly catch up with Starlink to become the reference point also for satellite connections. It will be necessary to wait until the near future to understand how Project Kuiper will manage to make its way into the satellite connection sector.

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