Postponed the release of Stray: the game about the cyberpunk cat will arrive in the summer

Rimandata l’uscita di Stray: il gioco sul gatto cyberpunk arriverà in estate thumbnail

We will have to wait at least until summer for the official release of Stray, the new game from BlueTwelve Studio that will allow us to identify with a cat in the flesh. The announcement comes directly from the official PlayStation account on Twitter, with a video in which the cat is seen struggling with a futuristic and dystopian environment. “The release will take place in the summer of 2022” reads the post, confirming the delay in progress (the game should have been released this spring).

What We Know About Stray: The Futuristic Cat Game Coming This Summer

The last news we had of the game dates back to July 2021, when Sony decided to publish, after a year of silence, a gameplay trailer. The video is in fact the only official publication in which the game can be admired, given that the previous trailer had been of a cinematic nature.

In the opening moments of the video we see the protagonist, a cat, wounded and separated from his family. The gameplay is all about using her feline skills to jump, climb and explore the environment for and solve puzzles. The city appears dystopian, with a halo typical of cyberpunk atmospheres. Not surprisingly, at some point in history, our feline will encounter a droid called B-12.

This robotic aspect will allow players to converse with other inhabitants (human or otherwise) of the city and of interact with some objects in the surrounding environment. The cat will have a playful personality of its own, which will allow players to scratch furniture, interact with vending machines and rub against the legs of any robots they meet. In short: let out the cat hidden inside you!

Stray uscirà per PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 e PC.

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