Amazon has sold more than 150 million Fire TVs

Amazon ha venduto più di 150 milioni di Fire TV thumbnail

Amazon announced that he had sold over 150 million from Fire TV. A huge growth, considering that just over a year ago the company announced that it had “only” 50 million active Fire TV accounts. Amazon also announces the arrival of Fire TVs in cars, thanks to an agreement with Ford e Stellantis.

Amazon Fire TV, sold more than 150 million units

The news announced by Amazon has a major impact on the streaming market. Fire TV certainly has important advantages over its competitors, first of all the fact that it is thick sponsored on the largest platform of e-commerce to the world. But without quality and innovation, it could not have achieved these results (a bit like with Kindles).

In the last period then the launch of the powerful Fire TV Stick 4K Max and the arrival of TVs with integrated Fire TV of the series Amazon Omni e 4Series it certainly helped with sales. According to reports from Amazon, the Fire Stick is the best-selling of Amazon products during the days of Black Friday.

But in addition to dominating the living room, Amazon wants to take the Fire TV on the street as well. In fact, at CES 2022 the company announced a partnership with Ford Motor Co. to bring Fire TV into the panels of Ford Explorer e Lincoln Navigator. Separately, the company announced a deal with Stellantis (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and PSA Group) to integrate Fire TV into the new ones Wagoneer e Grand Wagoneer. The company also wants to get on top Jeep Grand Cherokee e Chrysler Pacifica.

The company has created a render to make us understand what the experience will be like for those who will travel in one of these cars:


On the cars we will have access to voice commands to start playing a show or movie. And there will even be the possibility of download the episodes you want to watch to ensure playback on trips where you cannot rely on the cellular or WiFi network.

The Fire TV ecosystem continues to grow. With these agreements, Amazon will soon be able to announce new records.