Amazon: nel futuro ci sono i Bitcoin e una propria criptovaluta thumbnail

Amazon: in the future there are Bitcoins and its own cryptocurrency

Amazon: in the future there are Bitcoins and its own cryptocurrency thumbnail

Amazon could also enter the world of cryptocurrencies, first accepting i Bitcoin and then developing its own solution. To anticipate these choices is a recent indiscretion which confirms that these changes could become effective already in the next few months. For Amazon and for the entire cryptocurrency sector it will be a real revolution.

Amazon bets on cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin already by 2021

According to a report from the London magazine City AM of these hours, Amazon would be ready to accept Bitcoins as a payment system. The announcement may come already by the end of 2021. The project has been under evaluation in Amazon for some time. Sources confirm that plans to introduce cryptocurrencies into Amazon have been underway since 2019. After Bitcoin, Amazon could progressively accept other cryptocurrencies for payments for a total of at least 8 different solutions.

An Amazon signed cryptocurrency will arrive in 2022

Amazon, in recent weeks, is looking for new professionals related to the world of cryptocurrencies. THEThe debut of an Amazon-signed cryptocurrency could be scheduled for 2022, according to recent rumors. The project may already be in full swing. More details on the matter could arrive as early as the next few weeks. The rumors spread in these hours, in fact, anticipate “short-term” news for the issue linked to Amazon and cryptocurrencies. We will see what the decisions of the American giant will be.

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