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The Esport Academy of Vieri and Corradi trains with Exeed professionals

Three young members of the Academy Esports PLB trained for a few days with the professional players of the Exeed team. PLB was born from an idea of ​​former footballers Christian “Bobo” Vieri and Bernardo Corradi.

PLB: the Vieri and Corradi Esport Academy

The team Exeed, one of the first professional Esports clubs in Italy, hosted the young people Simone Barbato, Francesco Dicorato and Daniel Morotti. These are three players belonging to theAcademy at PLB, a project born from the initiative of former soccer champions Bernardo Corradi and Cristian Vieri. The three players, among the most promising, then spent three days in the training center with Exeed players, staff and managers.

For the second consecutive year, Exeed has decided to gather all members into one structure. A week of training, programming, comparisons and entertainment in a hotel in Tuscany. All in full compliance with anti-Covid regulations. Inside the structure, one gaming room for live and streaming events on Twitch, as well as a space dedicated to training. A further demonstration that the world of competitive video games is not only virtual, but also has a strong real and relational component.

“Since its creation, our project has been aimed at giving new opportunities for the growth and enhancement of talent to young and very young players. Christian and I strongly believe that talent alone is not enough to stand out. The right approach, seriousness, commitment, constant training and fatigue are fundamental elements to become a champion, even in Esports. Comparing and sharing moments with older champions is a fundamental step for our kids who can only understand their current level and improve themselves in this way “, he declares Bernardo Corradi, promoter of the PLB project together with Christian Vieri.

“The fact that an ambitious project like PLB has decided to entrust Exeed with three of the most promising players in its Academy fills us with satisfaction and pride. For the second consecutive year we spent a summer retreat like the football teams of our Serie A and for all the kids, from Exeed champions to PLB players, it was a very formative experience “, he said Federico Brambilla, CEO and co-founder of Exeed. “The world of video games is not only made up of virtual and remote relationships, but also of human and personal relationships. The teammates must know each other like the players and athletes of team sports ”.

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