Amazon is working on a wall-mounted Echo, soundbar, and car device

Amazon sta lavorando a un Echo da muro, una soundbar e un dispositivo auto thumbnail

Amazon wants to bring Alexa in an ever-increasing number of devices. Indeed it appears that the study Lab126, where the company creates its products for the smart home, is ready to launch three new gadgets. A Amazon Echo dal grande display to hang on the wall, one soundbar for TV and a device for the car.

Amazon Echo wall, soundbar and car device: here are the news coming

According to what was reported Mark Gurman e Priya Anand from Bloomberg, Amazon wants to focus heavily on hardware. The project called in code Hoya bring Alexa to our wall with one 15-inch smart display. Although it looks like it can also come with a support to keep it on the table. It becomes a device for the control of the smart home, which allows you to manage heating, lights and entrances. In addition, the widgets seem designed to show the time, the calendar, the photographs.

A smart display with a good video component, perfect for watching recipes while cooking, which should arrive next February. The company is also working on a soundbar which could best complement the lineup with the TVs recently announced by Amazon. And that would also have a camera so that you can use your TV for video calls: a feature that users will certainly appreciate.

Amazon is also considering renovating its own Echo Auto, which allows you to use Alexa while driving. The new model should also be able to recharge the driver’s smartphone while using it, thanks to the ricarica wireless.

There are also many other news that Bloomberg experts define as “uncertain”. As the microphone codenamed “Jackson”, which allows Alexa to be used for karaoke (this team seems to have disbanded). And then new ones health sensors, which could find space in the next Echo speakers. The company is also working on a robots for the home, even if at the moment it does not seem willing to continue this idea, struggling to find its usefulness for the user.

Finally, Amazon is working on new chips for its smart products, which would allow it to shorten the supply chain and address the silicon shortage. An economic move but one that could lead to more powerful and performing devices in the future. We just have to wait for these news, we will keep you informed.