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Amazon launches the new Smart Air Quality Monitor

Smart Air Quality Monitor: Amazon's new home monitoring tool thumbnail

Here comes a new Amazon device for the safety of your home: it is Smart Air Quality Network, for the measurement of allergens and toxins.

How Amazon’s new Smart Air Quality Monitor works

Amazon announces the market launch of Smart Air Quality Monitor, a new intelligent measurement tool of indoor air quality. The device can accurately detect presence allergens and toxins, to allow homeowners to follow certain precautions and take care of their health on a daily basis. After all, in the home, some polluting atmospheric agents, they can be present up to two or five times more than in outdoor environments.

Amazon’s goal is to build technology that helps make money the healthiest and most comfortable home for everyone. After all, we often underestimate and neglect an element that significantly contributes to our health: air quality. The new device detects particles such as dust, organic compounds, carbon monoxide, temperature and humidity. When the air quality is poor, you can set an announcement in the Alexa app or get a notification from your Echo device. In that case we will know when to act, whether it be opening a window or turning on an air purifier.

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor will be available for pre-order starting today, November 3, a 79.99€, and will be shipped to customers starting from 8 December.

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