Nso Group, nota per lo spyware Pegasus, finisce nella blacklist USA thumbnail

Nso Group, known for Pegasus spyware, ends up on the US blacklist

The Israeli company Nso Group, known for creating the spyware Pegasus, it was added by the United States to the federal blacklist. The ban will prohibit Nso from receiving American technology components. The measure is part, at least officially, in a series of maneuvers by the Biden administration that put human rights at the center of American foreign policy and national security.

The US inserts Nso Group, the creator of the Pegasus spyware, on the federal blacklist

The ruling against the Nso Group was notified to the Israeli government just one hour before the formalization. The company is internationally known for spyware Pegasus which allows you to remotely monitor smartphones.

This spyware has been the focus of various journalistic inquiries which have confirmed its use to spy on journalists, politicians, businessmen and activists in various parts of the world. Among the victims of Pegasus there is also the French president Macron.

According to an Amnesty International report, Pegasus has been used in attacks on human rights activities and other innocent victims. Spyware has been in the news for several months and represents a great danger for IT security.

Spyware exploits an unknown vulnerability

Pegasus takes advantage of a “zero-day” vulnerability (still unknown to Apple itself) to hack iPhones. Just receive a particular message via iMessage (even without opening it) to see your compromised iPhone. More details on the issue should emerge already in the next few days. The news, in fact, is destined to cause discussion.

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