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Amazon: present eero Pro 6E ed eero 6+

Amazon today presents eero Pro 6E and eero 6+ in Italy, the fastest eero Wi-Fi routers ever, are now available at an even more advantageous price

Amazon presents today eero Pro 6E ed eero 6+ finally in Italiathe most recent innovations of the eero 6 series with system Wi-Fi mesh.

Eero Pro 6E, eero’s first Wi-Fi 6Esupports network speeds up to 2,3 Gbps, offers coverage for over 100 devices simultaneously and allows access to the band 6 GHzensuring that multiple devices can surf at speeds of over one gigabit throughout the house.

Eero 6+ is the gigabit eero plus system convenient and performingwith access to radio channels a 160 MHz for a fast connection, for activities like AR, VR e streaming 8K; moreover, it supports over 75 devices connected at the same time.

For customers looking for Wi-Fi 6 performance at an affordable price, eero 6 is now available at a starting price of 119 euro.

Eric SaarnioVice President, Amazon Devices International ha affermato:

With the arrival of the new eero Pro 6E and eero 6+, together with our already available eero 6 series devices, we are expanding our portfolio and making home Wi-Fi systems more accessible and convenient for customers, easy to use, fast and reliable. eero Pro 6E and eero6 + represent a big step forward in providing our best performing and most affordable Wi-Fi systems, for everyone.

Amazon: present eero Pro 6E ed eero 6+

The eero 6 series offers Wi-Fi for various home environments and technology uses

With the launch of eero Pro 6E ed eero 6+Amazon offers the availability of eero Pro 6 and eero 6 at a reduced price, it is now possible to have an eero 6 system for every need domestic and technological.

eero Pro 6E

the first system Wi-Fi mesh eeror qualified to Wi-Fi 6E and the latest offer tri-band. eero Pro 6E sets a new standard for high-end eero performance by supporting beyond 100 devices simultaneously.

Capable of supporting Wi-Fi speeds up to 2,3 Gbps (one gigabit wired and 1.3Gbps wireless), the eero Pro 6E offers Wi-Fi speeds of over one gigabit throughout the house and takes advantage of the gang 6 GHz to allow access to a new and spacious ‘traffic lane’ for Wi-Fi, to ensure faster speeds and less congestion on the home network.

With an Ethernet port of 2.5 GbE and one from 1.0 GbE on each device, the eero Pro 6E can support multigigabit internet plans. In addition, thanks to the additional Wi-Fi bandwidth of radio channels a 160 MHzeero Pro 6E supports fast connection, for activities such as AR, VR e streaming a 8K.

The single pack of the eero Pro 6E covers up to 190 square metersthe two-pack covers up to 370 square meterswhile the three-pack covers up to 560 square meters.

eero 6+

the most affordable eero gigabit system ever. eero 6+ enables performance Wi-Fi premium to a convenient price. The new offer dual-band of eero is ideal for internet plans up to a gigabit and offers coverage for over 75 devices simultaneously.

Each device has 2 1.0 GbE ports for connection gigabit cable and also provides access to radio channel a 160 MHz for a faster wireless connection than previous eero con offerings dual-band.

A single eero 6+ covers up to 140 square meters; one 2-pack covers up to 280 square meters; and a 3-pack covers up to 420 square meters.

Amazon: present eero Pro 6E ed eero 6+

Convenience and accessibility

Eero Pro 6 it’s still cheaper, available now starting from 229 euroeero Pro 6 is perfect for houses with Gigabit internet connections.

A single eero Pro 6 is a router Wi-Fi mesh 6 tri-band ad High performance con due porte Ethernet it’s a hub for Smart Home Zigbee integrated.

A single eero Pro 6 covers up to 190 square meters. The eero Pro 6 three-pack includes three eero Pro 6 routers that connect wired or wirelessly together to cover up to 560 m².

Eero 6 to a new one affordable price, available now starting from 119 euroeero 6 delivers speed Wi-Fi 6 at a reduced price.

He router Wi-Fi 6 mesh is available it is perfect for homes with internet connections up to 500 Mbps and provides coverage for over 75 devices at the same time.

A single eero 6 is a router Wi-Fi 6 mesh dual-band con due porte Ethernet covering up to 140 square meters. The two-pack covers up to 280 square meters and includes an eero 6 network router and a Wi-Fi extender.

The three-pack covers up to 420 square metersincludes one eero 6 and two eero 6 Wi-Fi extenders.

Amazon: present eero Pro 6E ed eero 6+

Additional features and benefits of the eero 6 series

All eero 6 series devices work with customers’ existing internet plan, so a separate subscription may be required, and offer several features to unlock the potential of their Wi-Fi, including:

  • Backward Compatibility: eero 6 series devices are backward compatible with previous generation eero devices, you can easily expand your network by adding more eero devices as your Wi-Fi needs change. You can also swap your existing eero router with a newer eero router without deleting the existing network.
  • TrueMesh Technology: all eero devices use patented eero TrueMesh networking technology to intelligently route network traffic to reduce congestion, buffering and connection loss, so you can stream 4K content, play games and make video calls with ease.
  • Simplicity of network management: You can use the eero app to manage your network, pause the internet, share your network with friends or guests, and more, whether at home or on the go.
  • Safe and Secure Wi-Fi: eero works constantly to keep the network safe and secure. Ongoing software updates provide the latest security patches, bug fixes, and feature updates. With eero Secure +, you can add advanced online security and content filtering features, along with three popular security applications: 1Password for password management, Malwarebytes for malware protection, and for VPN.
  • Free customer support: our experts are ready to help customers by phone or email seven days a week, throughout the lifecycle of eero devices.

Amazon: present eero Pro 6E ed eero 6+

Prices and availability

The devices of the series eero 6 are available on, eero Pro 6E is available at 359 euro (single pack) e 839 euro (pack of three), eero 6+ is available at 149 euro (single pack) e 329 euro (pack of three).

Furthermore, the systems eero previous are already available at a lower price: Eero Pro 6 is now available at 229 euro (single pack) e 599 euro (pack of three), eero 6 is now available at 119 euro (single pack) e 259 euro (pack of three).

For more safety and securitycustomers can subscribe separately ad eero Secure for 3.99 euros per monthand the eero Secure + for 10.99 euros per month.

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