Deadly Broadcast review: great idea, bad result

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We tried Deadly Broadcastthe new cooperative horror title from Apphic Games and we’re ready to tell you what we think with this one review. Will he be able to convince us or not?

Deadly Broadcast Review: A Great Idea…

The game is set in a psychiatric hospital: here a scientist, who lost his beloved in the past, conducts experiments on his patients. The biggest dream of him? Reunite with her in the world of dreams, with an immortal body. Time passes and the scientist’s experiments finally begin to be successful.

The latter then decides to join one phase of eternal sleep with his patients.

For completely unknown reasons, one evening all the patients in the hospital, moved by one evil force, they kill all the guards. From that point on, the building was abandoned and considered cursed.

The protagonists of our history are four boys who, unaware of what happened inside the building, go to the psychiatric hospital. In their mind it is simply an abandoned, empty building, and is therefore the perfect place to shoot a video for their followers.

Their presence inside the building changes the cards and suddenly awakens the scientist, in part allegedly and in part zombie, together with his patients. The scientist, extremely upset by what happened – and by these guys who interrupted his dream – orders his patients to catching intruders and bring them to him as a meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s indifferent.

Our protagonists will therefore have to do what they can to escape from that scary place but they will also have to continue to take it all back. With the help of the team and the spectators, who will continue to comment on the adventure via social media, will the team be able to survive?

… But a bad result

The first thing to do, as you can imagine, is to choose your own personage. We have at our disposal 4 characters which are distinguished by profession, number of followers e “personality”.

The first is Emilya beauty blogger with 1.5 million followers; then we find Georgea body builder (who has nothing of a body builder) with 860 mila followers; then we have Robertoa gamer passionate about horror and action titles with 400 mila followers and finally we have Davecon 630 mila followerswho works in the tech world.

As soon as our character is chosen, the adventure – or misadventure – will begin. We are greeted by a small video presentation that explains the broad outline story of the famous scientist we told you about a little while ago.

After the video, we find ourselves inside a dark forest at night, in the rain. However, after a few steps, we will find ourselves inside the hospital. Let’s start by saying that the title setting is very interesting at first glance, despite being a setting often used in this genre.

Unfortunately, however, the painful notes come to the surface almost immediately and the first of all is the visibility. We explain ourselves better: obviously we are inside a abandoned hospital and therefore dark; also explore it by night during a storm it doesn’t help us see better. In short, classiche vibes horror.

This then means that our character will have to proceed forward with one torch.

The problem is that the view is bad: in front of us we have a illuminated net circle – or the torch – and around complete darkness. To look to the sides we have to completely shift the view and there is no type of fade often found in other horror games.

The gap between light and dark it’s all too clear and, in the long run, it gets pretty annoying as a thing, not just for the eyes but also for what comes next. In fact, however, what happens next, without making too many spoilers, is not that great.

Once the enemies are awakened we will find some arma to be able to defend ourselves but it is almost useless because these enemies they are not scary at all. Besides being extremely landed – which allows us to attack quickly and kill them pretty much immediately – they weren’t done that wellfrom a graphic point of view.

It’s almost like this game comes from wonderful 90s but without taking anything from those years with him. We are faced with creatures completely whitethat everything looks like zombies, almost stylized e expressionless (as well as of personality).

From a general graphic point of view the title is very flat e bare, and unfortunately the low budget element is definitely noticeable. However, this aspect is not always negative because even if you have a budget basso however, it is often possible to offer a pleasant productperhaps offering mediocre graphics but interesting gameplay.

Does the gameplay help the game stand up? Definitely no. Deadly Broadcast gameplay turns out almost flatter than the graphics, boring and also repetitive. There is no action, there is no suspense, there is no personality. This we are very sorry because the whole idea behind the game It’s very interesting.

Chat can be useful but also annoying

The idea of broadcast live stream his stay inside the hospital is original and vaguely reminded us of films of the caliber of Rec. It is also very useful in case the player does not know what to do or suddenly finds himself blocked because users commenting they can also give us useful information.

However, in a horror game, have a clear view e chiara is a very important aspect so we believe that the live chat element can divert attention and also turn out bothersome. Also, if you are focused on your goal – therefore not getting killed – it will not be easy to throw an eye on the chat. Or, the constant movement of the chat it will distract us from our goal in no time.

Either way, there are problems.

Deadly Broadcast Review: Yes or No?

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As much as we like the horror genre, for us it is definitely a no. The basic idea for Deadly Broadcast is Interestingboth with regard to the plot that the setting and also the choice of characters they decide to broadcast everything in live streaming.

However, there are far too many errors, starting with a rigid gameplay e repetitiveup to a graphic sector which in 2022 leaves much to be desired. Above all, however, the typical element of the horror genre is missing: the tension risingil shiver behind my backl’anxious to turn the corner.

Perhaps with a higher budget Deadly Broadcast could have offered more: or maybe not. We cannot know this. If you are still curious to try the title, you can buy it through Steam.


  • Repetitive and boring gameplay
  • Graphics that leave something to be desired
  • Enemies without personality