Amazon Prime subscribers now have access to the entire Amazon Music catalog

Amazon Prime subscribers now have access to the entire Amazon Music catalog

Amazon announced today that Prime subscribers will now have access to a wider selection of songs on Amazon Music. Previously, subscribers could only listen to a portion of the catalog – about two million songs – and it was necessary to take out a specific subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited for the remainder of the music offer.

Not access to the catalog is almost complete. Prime subscribers can indeed listen over 100 million songs without having to take out additional subscriptions. However, some limitations remain in the listening modes.

Amazon Prime: full access to the Music catalog, but limitations in listening modes

Prime subscribers, although they can now access the entire catalog, they will only be able to do this in shuffle mode. This means that they will be able to select an album or an artist but the playback order of the songs will be random. Nevertheless listening is free of advertising and users can create custom playlists.

In addition to access to the full Amazon Music catalog, Prime subscribers now also have access to a large selection of podcast without advertisingincluding all new Amazon Exclusive podcasts.

We remind you that the expansion of the Amazon Prime offer does not involve any surcharge. The subscription is currently available for the price of € 4.99 per month or € 49.90 for the annual planand includes access to Prime Video and fast shipping for purchases on

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