Amazon riceve una maxi multa per violazione delle norme UE sulla privacy thumbnail

Amazon receives a large fine for violating EU privacy laws

Amazon receives a huge fine for violating EU privacy regulations. Thumbnail

Amazon communicate that you have received a fine of 746 million euros. The Luxembourg authority for the protection of personal data (CNPD) imposed the fine on the international e-commerce giant. The sanction came following the violation of EU personal data processing legislation (Gdpr). The fine came after an investigation of about three years initiated by a complaint from La Quadrature du Net, a French group for the rights to privacy.

Amazon receives a maxi fine for violating EU rules on the processing of personal data

The announcement of the sanction was given by Amazon itself which also confirmed that it will do appeal on the measure. According to Amazon: “The decision on how we show relevant advertising to customers is based on subjective and unprecedented interpretations of European privacy legislation and the proposed sanction is completely disproportionate even to such interpretations”

There are no details on the violation

Note that the Luxembourg CNPD commission did not release details relating to the sanction. At the moment, therefore, the commercial practices subject to the sanction have not been clarified. Certainly, over the next few months, the topic will continue to be at the center of the news.

The maxi penalty received by Amazon will, in fact, be at the center of one legal battle with various appeals by the American company. New details on the question, therefore, will arrive shortly. Meanwhile, Amazon, also due to a quarterly report well below expectations, recorded a sharp decline on the stock market.

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