FREE NOW integrates local weather forecasts into the app

FREE NOW integrates local weather forecasts into the app

FREE NOW announces the integration of the weather forecast into the app. Service users will receive the latest personalized recommendations with the app recommending the most suitable travel options, also taking the weather into consideration. The pilot project started in Germany with the collaboration of European Mobility Data Space and the German National Meteorological Service – FREE NOW has confirmed that the integration of the weather forecast will arrive in Italy in September.

FREE NOW integrates the weather forecast into the app

The service becomes the first mobility platform to integrate local weather forecasts into the app. Thanks to this service, FREE NOW users will receive personalized advice on the best means to use to move from the starting point to their destination.

The service thus confirms the desire to put into practice an increasingly broad strategy of integrations of smart data in the app. Even considering the weather, the app will advise the user to take a taxi or use a car sharing service if the weather is not sunny.

If not, the app may suggest using a low environmental impact micro-mobility system. For Italian users, all that remains is to wait for September to try the service.

The company comment

Andrea Galla, Country Manager of FREE NOW Italy declares: “The integration of meteorological information into the app represents a very important innovation in the mobility vision promoted by FREE NOW. Thanks to value-added services such as weather, the advantages of multimodal mobility that our users can enjoy are becoming increasingly evident and concrete “.

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