Amazon today launched the new Kindle: here is price and features

Amazon ha lanciato oggi il nuovo Kindle: ecco prezzo e caratteristiche thumbnail

The Amazon’s new Kindle, a device with a competitive price and premium features. In addition to greater compactness, the new e-reader features a 6 ” high resolution 300 ppi anti-glare screen and autonomy up to 6 weeks. In addition, new subscribers to the Kindle Unlimited service will enjoy a free three-month period of use, with unlimited access to millions of books and content.

Price and features of the new Kindle

The already mentioned anti-glare screen it will ensure ease of reading even in strong lighting (such as in sunlight). Practically it will be like reading on printed papers. In addition, you can adjust the lighting and activate the dark mode, to invert the color of the text and background. The 300ppi high resolution screen boasts a number of pixels three times higher than its predecessor of the previous generation.

The battery, with an autonomy of up to 6 weeks, is rechargeable with USB-C and the device is equipped with 16 GB of storage spaceAnd. Double the 8GB of the previous generation to store and support thousands of books. Despite that the new Kindle is extremely compact and much lighter than the previous model.

Finally there is the question environmental sustainabilitywith certification Climate Pledge Friendly: 90% of the magnesium used in manufacturing is recycled. For the first time ever, the packaging of Kindle devices is 100% recyclable and is made from 100% wood fiber materials sourced from responsibly managed forests or recycled sources.

The new Kindle is available in Black and Blue colors at a price of € 99.99.

Together with the device it is also possible to buy the new ones fabric cases. These attach to the Kindle and feature a flap that folds back for one-handed hold. The enclosures are available in Black, Pink, Blue and Green colors at a price of € 34.99.

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