Canon EOS Webcam Utility: New update available

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Canon has announced the update to the well-known EOS Webcam Utility software which can be downloaded free of charge and which allows users to connect their EOS – or compatible PowerShot – camera to a PC or Mac and use it as a USB webcam.

Thanks to the new Canon update, the EOS Webcam Utility software ensures compatibility between the latest mirrorless models EOS R, EOS R3, EOS R7 and EOS R10 and Windows 11, Mac OS 11/12 and Mac with Apple silicon.

EOS Webcam Utility: All the features of the Canon update

The new software eliminates the need for additional devices and allows users to replace the old webcam with their own camera Canon to experience virtual meetings, video conferences and high quality live streaming. This free, easy-to-use software can be downloaded from the Canon website and quickly set up with a video conferencing program.

With this software update, you can enjoy all the features of optical excellence and innovation that Canon’s EOS System cameras make available to achieve a professional look during video conferencing.

Thanks to the flawless technology that characterizes Canon’s EOS solutions, users will appreciate the immediate performance improvement in low light conditions, greater color fidelity and control over depth of field compared to traditional webcams. The EOS Webcam Utility software ensures sharp images with lifelike colors.

Main features:

  • Free software
  • Full compatibility and support for Windows and Mac OS
  • Improved image quality for virtual calls
  • Improved low-light performance, optimized color and depth of field